The Words Of Focus Project

For one hour a day for the next 90 days, I will write.


Because I have failed myself so often that I can no longer trust myself not to fail. Because I no longer believe my own resolutions to myself. Because I have trained myself to submit to the inertia of stagnation.

So here is a test. A challenge to the very core of my being. Can I sit down, every single day, for one whole hour, for 90 days in a row, and write?

If I can, then I know I can keep any resolution I set myself.

This may suck. By all accounts, it’s sure to suck.

But, every day, for the next 90 days, for 60 minutes each day, I will write.

Can I do this? It feels only slightly over dramatic to say that my life depends on it.

For what I am doing is more than just writing. What I am doing is training myself, proving to myself, that I can resolve to do something, and then persist to have it done.

I will be publishing these daily walls of words at

I don’t recommend you read it, to be honest. It’s essentially a long ass series of unedited first drafts. There is a fair amount of gold in there, but not in nearly as concentrated as you will find on, say, or a good book.

But, for those who are interested in my ramblings over the next 90 days, there they will be.

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