2012 Year Goals

Read the details in the New Years Plan post.

Becoming a Master Pick Up Artist

Being a master pick up artist is a ill defined and life changing goal. To have any hope of achieving it, I must first perfectly define it.

– Since my life will be primarily travel, I must be able to sleep with 80% of beautiful woman within 48 hours of meeting them. How I do this is irrelevant (although I plan on becoming a master at the meet and fuck).

– Another part of this is inner game and thereby consistency. I must be absolutly confident in every setting, never worried about what anyone else things, un-effected by any outcome, and able to rock every social setting I am put in. I will know when this is achieved because I will no longer be bord, insecure, in my head, inadiquete, hesitant, lonely, or unconfident. I will be surrounded by horny women, cool guys, and always making the people I hang with become more awesome.

Every month will be devoted to mastering a step or two on the seduction ladder.


For example, January will be devoted to being able to approach any woman in any setting and get her number. As usual, the goal is 80% success.

February will be approaching any woman and getting a kiss (lips of course) and a number.

March is going from meeting to sex in three meetings.

April is for becoming a master kisser.

May is for going from meeting to sex in two meetings.

June is for becoming a master lover.

July is for going from meeting to sex in one meeting.

August is getting laid multiple times with the same girl.

September is for multiple open relationships and fuck-friends.

October is for calibration and planning. (and maybe teaching).


I will also practice becoming a natural. At first, I may use lines and routines exclusively for lack of ability to do anything else. But I will actively get rid of these and replace them with internalized skill and game.

Every month, I will outline which step on the seduction ladder I will be conquering, how I plan to do it (I will find Projects in all the major towns I travel to and use them to improve)




– I will have an 80% success rate of sleeping with a women withing 48 hours of meeting her.

– I will have rock solid inner game, indicated by consistent confidence, social mastery, popularity with women and men, and lack of feelings of inadequacy and betaness.


– Every month will be dedicated to mastering one or two steps on the seduction ladder.


Make $3500/month with less than 5 hours of required work per week

I want this so that I can devote my life to chasing what ever passions I choose, instead of devoting it to chasing food and shelter. This is enough money to support me in relative luxury and let me pour a lot of money into my goals.

I plan on getting this via the Minimalist Backpacker Shop, affiliate sales from my travel products blog, and a few other muses I create (and maybe poker).

As the “Becoming a Master Pick Up Artist” goal, this goal will be achieved by devoting every month to one step.

January to June is all about getting to a consistent $600/month from Minimalist Backpacker Shop.

January is devoted to creating deals with every dropshipper I need, and launching the website.

February is for building SEO (Location Rebel) and affiliates. aka unpaid traffic

March is for guest blog posts.

April is for paid advertising to Facebook, Google, etc. and for launching the blog.

May is for improving the site (Look to the “What is MBS all about” doc), and building a community (Read Engagement from Scratch).

June is for re-negotiating my dropshipping deals to increase my profit, and building the community.

July is for planning the next 6 months.


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