What I Learned This Week (August 25 – September 7)

  1. I learned that, truly, I am most happy when I am travelling. I must travel more. I must move. It is who I am and it is what I love.
  2. Copywriting is a HUGE modern dating advantage. When the first contact is through text, the copywriter’s ability to convey emotion and thought through clear, concise, and enjoyable text is powerful indeed.
  3. It’s not that I’m not good with women. In fact, I’m quite excellent. It’s demographic. Ubud is not a place that catalizes my romantic tendencies.
  4. When you have sacred rituals, things that you always do because you know their value and that they vastly improve your life, you life can be excellent. Because you are focused on the keeping of it so.
  5. I learned that love is greatly distracting. Wonderfully so. And that it’s survival depends on remembering the value of each second, despite the powerful gravity of love to spend your time there.
  6. I learned that the key is not in trying to slog, in pushing through and beating procrastination.
    These things are not obstacles. They are signals.
    Signals that you do not remember what you are living for. Why you are doing what you have chosen to do.
    Keep your reason in mind. Know the philosophy that guides your hands and steps.
    And the problem is not in starting to go. But in slowing down long enough to sleep.

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