What I Learned This Week (July 27 - Aug 02)

What I Learned This Week (July 27 – Aug 02, 2015)

What I Learned This Week (July 27 - Aug 02)

  • When Asha is feeling moody, instead of feeling moody as well, I should make her happy. Bring her into my sphere, not go into hers.
  • Sleep is vitally important to Asha. We must ensure she gets it.
  • Work is sometimes more important to me than sleep. Than almost anything except Asha (with whom it must find a balance). Especially when I am inspired.
  • Asha & I can figure anything out, can do anything, when we’re true to ourselves and work together.
  • Making money can be really easy. Especially when you’re skilled, confident, and good at making connections.
  • Both Asha and I have a tendency to focus on the bad and not the good

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