What I Learned This Week (Oct 6 – Oct 12, 2013)

  • Never ever miss a meeting. Never ever break your word, and know that when someone is counting on you for anything, and you have told them that they can count on you, you have given your word
  • Selfishness (and one’s acknowledgement of it) is a virtue. It is also universal. True altrusim does not exist, nor should it. A selfish lifestyle, aiming to bring onself the most enjoyment, must necessarily improve the world and lives around oneself. Otherwise, one’s enjoyment would not be as great as it could be.
  • If a mentors belief, after being analyzed and compared, is not better than a conflicting and already held belief, don’t assume it and don’t worry.
  • Nobody is necessarily right. Others oppinons must be considered, but they are never guaranteed to be 100% ideal. If they sound good, consider them more deeply. If they still sound good, try them. If they perform well, keep them until they are no longer ideal.\
  • If you cannot know an answer, then it and the convoluted data surrounding it simply need not factor into any of your decisions.
    • I.E. Global warming. Is global warming the cause of humans? I don’t know. And the evidence is too conflicting and technical and rife with agendas for me to find out. So I simply don’t factor that into the equation of my life.
    • I.E. A girl not being in love with you. There are SO MANY reasons this can happen, most of which you simply will not find out, that to let this impact your mindset in any significant way is useless. Better to instead make yourself awesome, put yourself out there, and find awesome people who want to be awesome with you.
  • Bitcoins are an awesome philosophy. I want in.
  • The awesomeness and wisdom and depth of people cannot be underestimated. There are people out there who are amazing. And they group together.
  • Everything is abundant. Everything. If X makes Z, you you’re running out of X, you can replace X with Y or Z with K. Knowing this, and that it applies to everything from gasoline to sex to creation opportunities, allows you to see the world is a fearless and clear minded way.
  • When you’re open to love, love comes.
  • Become the embodyment of your philosophy. What others think is an afterthought. What your philosophy dictates you to think and act like is all that matters.
  • Drama does not matter. Disrgard it.

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