What I Learned This Week (Sep 15 – Sep 21, 2013)

  • Always try and have as many things running independantly of you as possible. If something is waiting on you to do a brief touch before rolling along without you, do it first.
  • Assuming that you’re not good at something ensures this. Assume you are good at it, and getting better.
  • Very few of even the impressive people in the world are clear on life. They are often not in their ideal circumstances, confused as to who they want to be, and seemly unclear on goals.
  • In the same vein, what is ideal and a good goal/philosophy/circumstance varies widely between people. If you can understand their Lifspeki, you can understand what they want and why they do what they do.
  • Don’t just jump into an opportunity because you want to work with the people. Want to work on the project too. If you don’t, another will soon present itself.
  • I can make others feel positive emotions about me by delving with them into their positive experiences and passions. And I enjoy talking about these things.
  • The truth will out. Always. Lying to yourself or to others will not be effective in anything but the very short term, as reality cannot be denied or hidden. In this case, telling myself and others that I was pushing hard and creating a lot when I wasn’t was simply not true.
  • Your body tells you when you’re doing something wrong. You know. There’s signals. Pick up on them.
  • To catch a green-water wave, you have to have a short and powerful burst of speed right as the building lump hits you. Just pre-crest. Then, as it crests, turn so your back is to the barrel and your face to the wave and surf.
  • Spicy food is good for killing germs and sickness.

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