What I Learned This Week (Sep 8 – Sep 14, 2013)

  1. Always do the best thing you can do at the moment. If it’s a choice between hanging out with nobody and hanging out with average people, hang out. If it’s a choice between making $0 an hour and making $10, make $10 (assuming your $0 time isn’t invested time). Trade up to the best you can get, and keep on improving it all. And don’t reject the best you’ve got because it’s not as good as you want yet.
  2. There’s always something to enjoy and learn from anyone. Ask them what it’s like growing up where they are, what they’re into. See if you can uncover their passions in a roundabout way.
  3. Always always talk to friends when feeling shitty or board or dispassionate. They’ll get you back up. Especially high quality family like Stepan.
  4. Know how I look back at my highschool days and laugh that I was stressing out about things that didn’t matter? The same thing is happening now. A lot of the stuff that feels stressful or worth worrying about simply isn’t when you take perspective on it. The solution: don’t stress out about most things, and make choices that you will look back on and approve of in the future.
  5. Listening to smart and philosophical people is fun. Much more fun than talking and trying to show off how smart and philosophical you are. Bounce an idea back and forth, and try to keep it in their court at for 60% of the time. Listen, absorbe, build upon, and pass back.
  6. There are 3 levels of life philosophy in respect to it’s social malleability. The outer ring is very malleable, and can easily avoided or modified to match current company. Like my belief in the net negative effect of religion; I won’t bring it up in the presence of religious people and, if the situation calls for it, I’ll observe a religious ritual or argument. The middle ring is the philosophies that can remain unmentioned, and have boundaries where that will change; If someone I am with is homophobic, I’ll not get into an argument with them or stop enjoying them, but I will step in if they begin to unleash this upon someone in a hurtfull way. The inner, core, ring is your lifspeki. The life philosophy that centers who you are as a person and will not be hidden or changed; My constant pursuit of self improvement, learning, and growing at abnormal levels (even in the face of odd and uncomfortable situations like refusing to listen to someone complaining when they are clear on having no desire to change the situation) will never be hidden and will gladly be displayed and discussed. People who oppose core beliefs must simply be excluded or minimized in one’s life.

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