What I Learned This Week (September 29 – October 5)

  • Being anything but the top me is not enjoyable at all. Not in any form.
  • Being the top me is amazing. Confidence rises, fun too. I create more. I love life.
  • You gain a fervor from creating, that supersedes the desire to stagnate.
  • Surroundings effect mood. A great room makes for a more enjoyable life and a happier and more productive me. It’s not all of it, but it’s a useful nudge.
  • My automatic leaps to conclusions and my quick rush to defend against them can blind me and hinder my learning when talking with people. Listen objectively and learn, then refute the point if you heard it though and still disagree. Like my dad taught me: Even if you know what they’re telling you, and even if you know a better way than theirs, listen all the way through. They may know something you do not.
  • Sometimes the smallest actions can yield the hugest results. 5% of the work can lead to 95% of the impact. For example, I sent a simple 12 word email to 10,000 people on the Mailbird list: “Are you still interested in using Mailbird as your email client?”. The result: over 400 responses (and counting), a large spike in downloads and sales, and a TON of email addresses to contact for more than 10 upcoming feature launches. That’s the biggest impact I’ve had in months, and all it took was 12 words in a plaintext email.
  • Appreciation, even of the smallest actions and given by a stranger, feels very good. When I appreciate something, I’ll make it known. To share back some of the value I have been given.
  • Getting interested in someone is very very easy. Just ask something about them that is vaguely interesting. Why do they wear their hair like that? What was it like growing up somewhere?
  • Invisible scripts are everywhere. The belief that you’re creating at a high level when you’re not. The belief that you can’t be good with girls because you’re in a learning and growing phase. The belief that people dislike you. It’s all a self fulfilling prophesy brought on by the fact that perception is reality. Change your perceptions, and your actions and assumptions and body language change with it. Thereofre, so does the reality you live in, formed by your changed Lifspeki.
    • For example: I’d convinced myself that I couldn’t have a thriving social life and a bunch of romance because I’m in a learning and growing phase. Absolute popycock! I’m working 8-10 (real creativity time, not wasted) days, 5-6 days a week, which means I can spend 1-2 days a week going to the ample parties in my area, hobnobbing with awesome people, and falling in love. The truth of this demonstrated by doing just that a few days ago at the Project Getaway opening party. Extreme productivity leads to extreme confidence and a feeling of joy in having well earned the time one spends in social escapades.
  • I’m not pushing hard to impress Michael or be a good member of a team. I’m pushing hard to grow and prove that I can push hard. I’m pushing hard so that I can grow and create and build at a ridiculous rate.
  • I am selfish. I see this as a positive and honest trait, if viewed from the lense of always seeking the highest possible mutual benefit, and of long-term benefit (like that of growing a relationship by helping someone out and giving them your time and creativity, or becoming “Fascinated with the shape of the stepping stone”
  • Always talk to high-level friends when you’re feeling confused or down.
  • I do feel better when I’m a bit cleaner shaven.
  • There are no limits to what  can do outside of those of physics. And even those can be bent.
  • The shell of a mature coconut is strong but thin. Hit it enough times in the same spot and it will crack.
  • A good story about a person who is enjoying life is inspiring

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