What I Learned This Week

Another chunk of this weeks goal review and planning session.

What I learned this week. It’s been quite a great week, looking back (a tough one getting through though).


What major lesson(s) did I learn this week?

  • If someone does something for you, they are more likely to think well of you and do more things for you. Even more than if you do something nice for them. Learned by Benjamin Franklin
  • The “tired wall” is just a mindset. When you feel too tired to work, you’re probably not. You just need to give it another few mintues and you’ll be back in swing.
  • Sometimes the world just seems to want to shut you down. When it does, take things a bit easy but don’t stagnate, write your pains out, be with friends if you have them, and keep pushing forward with creation.
  • Female attraction is (apparently) based on status and aggressiveness. Status, that is resources, is displayed by mindset. Aggressiveness is displayed by being unafraid and honest with your sexuality.


What meaningful quotes did I find this week?

  • “I have endeavoured to convince young persons that no qualities were so likely to make a poor man’s fortune as those of probity (goodness) and integrity (honesty, inner and outer oneness).” – Benjamin Franklin
  • “He that has once done you kindness will be more likely to do you another, than he who you yourself have obliged” – Benjamin Franklin

What sources of inspiration did I find this week?

  • Radiolab remix on how you spend your life in blocks of time (like 4 years worth of waiting in line, 2 months having sex, and a year worth of thinking about death), inspired me to spend more of my time doing interesting and awesome shit (like trying to do a trick at a skate park and fracturing my collar bone).
  • The book about attracting women with honesty inspired me to be more real with the world, and less afraid.

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