What is Success

While sifting through my old onenote notebooks, I ran across a gem of an entry. At some point, I sat down and wrote down what I wanted out of life. What it would take for me to know I had reached true success.

It still holds true right now.


To be friends with people who I respect and learn from, and who respect and learn from me

To be able to pack up all my belongings and travel somewhere new on a dimes notice

To regularly spend $40/day without flinching

To always have at least one romantic relationship running

To always be working on at least one form of self improvement

Freedom is:

      • To be free to drop whatever I’m doing and go do something more interesting on a second’s notice
      • To never worry about what others think of me, to be able to make friends with everyone I see.
      • To be able to live in temporary homes all around the world
      • To be able to totally ignore my income streams for months at a time without significant negative reprucussions
      • To be able to learn a new skill or pursue a passion whenever I want.
      • To be surrounded by a world-wide-web of supportive and inspiring friends.
      • TL:DR – To be completely free to go where you want, do what you want, be with who-ever you want, whenever you want, without any worry about negative repercussions

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