What major lesson(s) did I learn in December 2013?

Eddy Azar Working

  • Straight up and clear honesty of what I’m thinking is the best way for me to communicate. I don’t enjoy trying to be tactful, and I’m not successful at it anyways. So the best for me is to simply say what I am thinking.
  • Don’t work at home. Period.
  • “Everything’s about company. A gourmet meal, with an asshole, is a horrible meal. A hotdog, with an interesting person, is an amazing meal.” Chris Rock
  • Having a bunch of boring work on your plate kills motivation. Delegate it.
  • Not having some savings and basic finances secured is also very stressful. Even when you have a security net of parents and mentors, it’s super stressful.
  • Being able to quickly pause, take stock of your emotions, and guide them to where you want them, is hugely valuable. It changes your enjoyment of life, your ability to listen to criticism and grow, a ton of stuff.
  • Idolizaton is almost never a good thing. It simply pushes people away and blinds me to their humanity and how to sympathize with them. I can’t sympathize with someone who I intentially put 1000m above me.

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