What major lesson(s) did I learn this week (February 9th – February 16th)?

Eddy Biker Goggles

  • Work can (and should) be a ton of fun. Planning my week, learning to surf, writing…I love these things.
  • I have grown a LOT since last I was in Bali (3 months ago). First, I have learned how I like to work. I like to café jump, discovering new cafes and visiting old favourites. Second, I have so much more freedom. I am seriously not built to take orders.
  • I’m not gay or bisexual. I tried it, and I can do it, but it’s not a big deal for me.
  • Stress isn’t necessary to hold. Flow with what is, added to focus, can achieve better results with less negative.
  • Stopping and taking a look at your emotions, and re-forming them, is always worth it when you’re feeling stressed out
  • Stress and anger will propagate itself. It’ll get worse because it’ll bounce off of others.
  • I feel good when I know I can trust myself. I don’t feel good when I break that trust.
  • I re-learned how to stand up on a surf board, and I learned how to pump a wave.
  • If something is building itself up into a monster in your head, realize it’s not nearly as big as it looks, then tackle it with 2 pomodaros to get it rolling and in perspective.

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