What to do when you’re feeling off

  1. Realize that it’s probably nothing important. Emotions do that; they pop up for cases of bio-chemistry or something else unrelated, and then backwards rationalize to find “causes”.
  2. Relax. Go do something fun and unrelated for a while.
  3. Write down everything that’s on your mind. All of it.
    1. Go through your list and find all the things don’t affect you or can’t be affected by you. If it fits either of these criteria, consciously let it go, then cross it off.
    2. Now go through and put a star beside everything that is important. Transfer all the stars to a new list of important things you can do something about.
    3. Put all these stars in order of importance. 10 max.
    4. Now go through this list and write down what you can do to solve these problems.
    5. Now do it.
  4. And/Or find somewhere quiet and beautiful and ask yourself “Why am I feeling this?”. Listen to the answer and follow through until you find the source of your feelings. Then solve it if you can, or let it go if you can’t.

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