When you find love, be in love. And when you don’t, roll with it.

I’m in a relationship right now that is very interesting.

It’s like our levels of love/friendship with the other are always going independently of the other’s, and always changing. Sometimes we’re girlfriend and boyfriend, sometimes lovers, sometimes friends, and usually we are on different levels entirely (one more in love and one more a friend).

The best word for us, we found, is “companions”.


I love this relationship. It’s always good, and it’s always interesting to navigate.

And I love it because I’ve learned something important from it that allows me to enjoy it:


If you’re both in love, dive into it with no hold backs.

When that changes to something else, be okay and roll with it.

If you feel love and she doesn’t, be open to getting back to being in love again, but don’t try to force it, or be sad your not.

If she’s in love and you’re not, love her as you do (like a friend or whatever you feel) and care for her, but don’t try and act like you want something you don’t (ie. A girl/boy friend), or don’t want something that you do (ie. someone else).


This is essentially a part of the Stoic life philosophy: Being Happy With What You Have, And Wanting More.


P.S. A philosophy I follow that has helped me do this: “Never be afraid of being misunderstood”.


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