Where to Polynap (so you get the most rest and the least oversleep)

I’ve noticed that I keep oversleeping and fucking up my schedule. I just ran some quick calculations, and I’m sleeping an average of 4.13 hours a night for the last four nights instead of the 2.5 I should be out.

So, for all you in transition who are getting the same thing, here’s a list of where to sleep and when so you maximize your efficiency.

Nap Locations

  • Home on your bed/couch will probably give you the best sleep. It will also keep you asleep wayyy too long if your exhausted (especially at night). If your feeling very tired do not sleep on these.
  • If your at home and too tired for bed, sleep on a solid chair (not some lazyboy. A tough desk chair or kitchen chair). Your sleep won’t be a very good one, but it will be enough that you can spend the next one in a bed and not get knocked out.
  • My personal favorite is a quiet cafe with a few plush chairs. Ask a couple (that’s 2) strangers to wake you up in __ minutes, set up your alarm(s), throw on your mask and eargear, and pass out with complete confidence in your waking up again.
    • Side note: some baristas are dicks and will bug you when your sleeping and say you can’t. What I do in these situations is firmly but funly tell them what I’m up to with this schedule, that I’m looking to become a regular customer at cafes that are perfect for quick naps, that I tweet about the best cafes (which will bring them more polynapper customers), and (if you’ve got the cash and this hasn’t worked) throw in a bribe of $5.
      • If they pull some “My manager told me…” shit, tell them you want to speak to the manager. Take this shit all the way to the CEO if you have to.
        • And, of course, ask forgiveness not permission.
  • If you’re location is awesomazing enough to have a sleep cafe near by, go there all the time. (and let me know which city it’s in)
  • A personal favourite of mine is grassy parks. You can just lie on a hill with the sun warming you up (and your awesome eyeshade keeping it dark) and drift off.
I <3 Sleep Cafes

Overall rules

These are a few guide lines to help you find your own spots.

  • Always aim for quiet and dark. This rule can be totally erased with a sleep mask and some high quality earplugs/noise blocking headphones (all of which I sell/will sell on minimalistbackpackershop.com).
  • If your very tired do not sleep alone at home. You will pass out, you will fuck up your sched.
  • If you find that your forced to sleep in an uncomfortable location like a club, bar, car, etc. (yes, I’ve done those), spend your next nap somewhere guaranteed you won’t fall asleep.


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