While Transitioning to the Uberman, I Will…(2)

While at 75%-100%

  • Build the Rad Nomad Site
  • Re-Build the copywriting Gig
  • Write (copy, blogs, porn, etc.)
  • Go meet beautiful women
  • Build connections with my role models


While at 50%-75%

  • Make sales calls for Referral Squirrel
  • Make sales calls for Dentasign
  • Go meet beautiful women
  • Read SOO many blogs
  • Read SOO many books
  • Do mindless work on Rad Nomad


While below 50%

  • Watch a ton of movies and TV shows
  • Go meet beautiful women
  • Go for walks
  • Clean things
  • Cook
  • Take ice showers
  • Go on Stumbleupon.com

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