I want sex for the sake of passion. Wild, laughing, relaxed, entertaining, fierce, and scarring and without any meaning outside of pleasure and excitement of the moment.


I want love that walls in the mind like a warm and blissful fog, and makes everything but love pointless. To fall in love so deeply that a glance, a grin, is enough to fill your world and not nearly enough to satisfy the need.


I want a moment of bewildered wonder as I watch her mind drift off, forgetting her body and letting it relax and reflect her every emotion. Every lie is gone, and the truth is heart stopping


I want to lose myself in her smell, her taste, her fierce passion and tender caress. I want to explore every part of her body with smell, touch, taste, and feel.


I want to feel my heart destroy itself as my love leaves. I want to weep at the pain of the past and explore the hole in my soul that has brought meaninglessness to my life.


I want to fall in passion and love again. With a stubborn flame in my heart for the loves of the past.


I want to love

Hey Guys,

It’s been a while since I posted anything. Apologies for that.

Here’s a quick update on my life. There is no advice or inspiration here, so don’t read it unless you care about me. I still love you either way xD

I spent all of last week being lazy. I watched a lot of movies, played a few video games, installed and played with ubuntu (I now hate windows with a passion), and hit the town every now and then.

I’ve also reached the $80/hour mark with copywriting. With it came a crisis of meaning. I was making money, but I’m getting sick of catering to clients. So, taking Ramit Sethi’s advice on making hard decisions, I emailed a few people I trust (including a client) with a question:

“Subject: Hey, I need your advice”

I’m bored of copywriting. But I need advice on what to do about that. I’ve got no other source of income, but I’m sick of dealing with clients and writing for causes I don’t care about.

So, here are my options as I see them:

  1. Just stop (stop writing until you enjoy it again, and only write what you enjoy)
  2. Spend one month on automating Copywriting. Automate as much of the workload as possible and, at the end of the month, decide if you want to continue.
  3. Just grind through. Keep working on copywriting until you can afford to leave it. This means that you are making at least $1000/month through another income stream, or you have saved enough to live off of for 4 months (aka. $4000)

Let me know which you think is best, or if you have a better idea.



The unanimous answer was C, grind through. So that’s what I’m doing. But, on the side, I’m also searching for a passion I can build a business around.

I’m also doing a book selling experiment. So far, I’m pretty sure I’m losing money (shipping costs a SHITLOAD), but I’ll let you know and tell you how to do it yourself when I wrap it all up.

As for getting abs via Tim Ferriss’ slow carb diet, I’ve plateaued. I think it’s because I cheated and ate late too often. So this week is all about strict slow carb (excepting a sushi date with mum). Next week I’ll start up with the Ocam A and B diet. Woot! I get to eat bread again!

I’ve also mastered getting womens numbers. I’m getting numbers of around 7/10 cute girls I meet. Problem is, I can’t take it to the next level. I’ve got few fun ideas to hang out, and there isn’t much I can talk about for long without getting bored (I  HATE small talk). A part of this might be my lack of a phone, but that’s hardly a good reason. So what am I doing to fix it?

step 1: go out with girls more often

step 2: Be direct. If you feel romantic, go Don Juan Demarco on that girl. Cuddly? Then cuddle. Horny? you know what to do. It’s YOUR job to keep the romance moving forward. If it’s going too fast, she’ll let you know.

step 3: re-read the dating part of “Double Your Dating by David DeAngelo” and check out the dating episode of PickUpPodcast

Step 4: go out with fellow PUAs (starting this Friday)

Also, I’ve decided that January is my next vacation from work. I’m devoting all 30 days to improving my game in all areas women. From saying hi to great sex, January is where it gets better. I’ll take a few bootcamps, find a few cute volunteers, and work very little.

Oh yeah, I just got in contact with a cutie I used to date. I still love her, so this should be fun.



– Eddy

It’s September and, as my friend Stepan said, I’m revving up. However, I’m also stressing out and rushing too much.


So the compromise is to follow Tim Ferriss’ 80/20 method and only work on the most important tasks.


OK, here’s the breakdown:


First area of goals is finance. Ultimately, I want to make $7000/month working less than 10hours/week. My uncle also challenged me to make $1000/month for three consecutive months through copywriting. The deadline for this is Jan 1st 2012.


This month’s finance tasks are simple:

  1. Make $500 through copywriting
  2. Launch my Experi-Mental blog (more on this soon)
  1. Get the SeductionToronto website ready for launch

Second area of goals is my love life. The final goal here is to always have a romantic relationship with at least one girl. Things are on the up and up, but still too slow. I plan to…

  1. Go out with the same girl three times (which will lead to something deeper than I’ve had so far this summer)
  2. Go on four dates total
  3. Plan milestones for and become a kissing pro (I’m buying a course for it)


Third area is my body and health. The main goal right now is to have visible abs. At the moment I am on Tim Ferriss’ slow carb diet for losing fat. The only goal I have for this month is:

  1. Stay on the slow carb diet until I can see my abdominal outline


There is also another goal. This one will have a huge impact on this month, and is loosely tied in with Experi-Mental. The goal. Live completely homeless for 7 days.

I will make some noise about this soon by gathering a crowd, contacting Neville (who has also done this), and posting the details. Stay tooned for that.