EDIT: I’ve learned a powerful lesson due to this challenge. When I told Stepan about it, we turned it into a competition. Having someone at my skill level to compete against really pushed me to it, and I’m not sure if I would have made it to 100 if I didn’t have that.

Lesson of this post: Whenever you have a goal, turn it into a challenge against a like-minded friend. This will inspire you, scare you, and force you into chasing success with everything you’ve got. 

Challenge no.1 at The Impossible League: Do 100 pushups.

First Attempt on Oct 19 2011: 57 Pushups xP

I’ll do it again next week and aim for 75. Stay tuned for hyper masculine displays of strength (and silk Sponge Bob boxers xD)

UPDATE: October 24th (5 days later)

Now it’s your turn. Grab a camera, record your pushups, and share it with me and the impossible league!

Let me know your progress in the comments!


– Eddy

It’s late at night, when the rational part of me collapses out of exhaustion, that the emotional part of me takes over.

I remember that life is short and meaningless. That nothing can go wrong because nothing matters.

I know that i have to go do some stupid shit. I have to put my neck on the line and do exactly what I fear. I have to party with friends, go out on a date, smoke a cigar, and write something beautiful.

I know that if I don’t fail once a day, I’m not doing anything worth doing. Falling in love is hard. So is getting laid. That means I’ve gotta try at it a few times a day. I’ve gotta risk the worst (which is a no and a one-sided awkwardness at worst), to get the best (sex with a goddess, love with an emotional storm bringer).

The worst that can happen is a straight 1/10 on the life changing scale. the best? 10/10.

The harshest shut down can be shrugged off in minutes. But deep love still wont shake even months after the relationship is dead.

I need to take risks. Tell women EXACTLY what I think. Speak without considering the effect of my words. Live on impulse and enjoy every god damn minute. Just fucking do it.

Money dosn’t matter. I will hit rock bottom and filthy richness a few times before I die. Social rules are shit. They are made to control me, and being controlled is being DEAD.

The fake me is awesome. Everyone loves him. Except Eddy.

But I love the real me. FUCK that guy is invigorating. He brings life everywhere he goes. He get’s swept up in emotions all the time. Men wish they had the balls to be like him, women light up whenever they see him, and everyone knows that shit will change when he shows up on the scene. He’s a wild card, answerable only to his own pleasure. He’s a rule breaker and he’s contagious. The people who don’t like him, fucking HATE him. The people who love him get addicted. There is no boring middle ground. There is no pleasant fakeness. IT IS REAL. IT IS ALIVE. IT DOES NOT LIE. IT DOES NOT CARE.

The only rules it follows are the bendable rules of physics. Everything else is made up as I go along.

It’s so real. It makes everything so enjoyable. Every emotion makes me feel great. I’m never nervous. Never unsure. When the goal is “follow your insticnt” there is nothing to question. Nothing to second guess. You just do what ever you do and watch the effects ripple.

I know that, when I see that girl, (and I will see her at least once a day), I MUST open my mouth and say whatever comes to the front of my head without hesitation or fear.

To not do so is to shit all over the incredible gift of life that I have somehow gotten my hands on.

I have to stay up late at night. Something about night helps the real me get free.

I just wanna share me with the world.


Alright, I need some cash. I’m headed out of Canada soon (either to Bali for the TMBA IX or to Columbia to live it up with my friend Stepan), and I want a few extra bucks in case I need them.


I’ve set decided to start testing a bunch of mini income streams to generate fast cash. These income makers will take very little skill and time, give a relatively big payoff, and probably get boring really fast.


Here’s a few of the ideas to be tested:

  • Reselling small stuff (Dre Beats, iPhones, Macbooks)
  • Door 2 Door jobs (Pressure washing driveways, stenciling house numbers on the curb)
  • Mass selling a bunch of books at a used book store
  • Anything else I think of


I’ll keep you posted on the success of each, and let you know how to do it yourself in the next post.





Only Beautiful on the Surface



Ok, last month was bull shit. I’m going to be honest with you and tell you that I am disgusted at my lack of progress. My goals failed, I lazed, and I covered it up quite well. Don’t get me wrong, I did get some good stuff done (like daily copywriting lessons, starting the re-vamp of my sales funnel) but not NEARLY enough.


But no worries. When we fall, we have to get back up and try again. October will have to be different. I’m devoting my first week or so to the TMBA IX and all my mornings are going to copywriting lessons. After the TMBA grind is over, I will get back to re-vamping my sales funnel, writing my cpy4startups ebook, testing my hovercraft idea, and following the “Millionaire business in a weekend” instrustions via Noah Kagan. Oh yea, and I have to make $1000 from copywriting because of my bet with uncle Elan.


Ok so here’s the battle plan:



  1. Apply to the TMBA IX (give it EVERYTHING you’ve got!)
  2. Write my Cpy4Startups eBook (no more than two days spent on this)
  3. Find a wholesaler for hovercrafts
  4. Test and automate my sales funnel (test all lead gen sources, split test a few lead emails, test a few VAs) [Whole process will take no longer than 14 days]
  5. Make $1000 through copywriting


Body and Health (a la The 4 Hour Body)  

  1. Keep your morning workouts going
  2. Stick to the diet and routine


I’ve also decided to get my final highschool credit and graduate, so I’ll spend a day setting that up. On my spare time, I’ll keep posting revelations on my blog, throw up a few posts on hubpages, and of course keep chatting up cuties.


Those are my goals. What are yours? (Outline them in the comments, link to your own blog post, whatever. I’m seriously interested in seeing how you plan and execute your month)




P.S. TaskSmash is the best productivity app I’ve ever discovered. If you want in, contact Tynan (Tynan.com).
P.P.S. My calender is open for all to see. Hit up tasksmash.com/EddyAzar to see what I’m grinding on.