Portable bed, with candle heating system and all xD

I can’t believe it’s only been a month since my last goal review. Everythings changed!

For starters, I came back from living on Res with Tomer and ended up leaving home spontaniously the next day to hit the world.

I lived with my grandma, at the Occupy Toronto tent city, and couchsurfed, and I’m now backpacking and couchsurfing towards San Francisco.


I’ve got a friend (Maneesh Sethi) who just broke into an huge abandoned warehouse in SF and is turning it into a party central/temporary home.

The guy’s awesome and crazy (kinda like me), has a few kickass muses going, is the brother of Ramit Sethi, and does pushups on exotic animals xD.

Yup, pushups on exotic animals ;P

Minimalist Backpacker Gear is almost up and running. I’m working on my dropshipping deals (I’ve got invisible shoes done and a bunch others in process) and I’m creating an exclusive affiliate program for famous flashpackers like Tynan. For all you readers who wanna check it out, go here and use the password: crewmu.


Alright, enough chit chat. Onto the GOALZ!:



  • Re-set my copywriting lead gen (after taking a few months off because I got really sick of it, I did some copywriting for Maneesh’s muse building course…I LOVED it! So I’m getting back into the game, but this time I’m only taking on projects that light me on fire.)
    • Consider learning SEO and Advertising (which I’m doing anyway) and adding it to my copywriting service
  • Listen to one business podcast a day (Tropical Talk Radio and The Lifestyle Business Podcast)
  • Apply to the new TMBA internship
  • Get Minimalist Backpacker Shop live and active (TOP PRIORITY)
    • Set up all necessary dropshipping agreements (1 week starting tomorrow)
    • Set up affilaite program w/ Tynan (1 week starting on the 7th)
    • Free advertising all over the Internet (I’m currently broke, so I’ll have to get creative with blogger friends, social networks, and making some noise)
  • Set up my ING account and start saving like a boss xD
  • Find out how the copy I wrote for Maneesh is converting and, if it’s doing awesome, see if I can help him out with other projects in exchange for him helping me make some noise for MBS and build some connections.


  • Install wine, 7zip, Calibre and windows 7 on my comp


  • Listen to 1 Pick Up Podcast per day
  • Be able to do handwriting analysis without a cheat sheet
    • Do handwriting analysis once a day (Can do 2 the next day if I miss that day)

Right. Time to get living!


– Eddy

Somehow, I got myself under the impression that I can only blog about certain things here.

Nope. This is a blog dedicated to Eddy Azar. Everything about Eddy Azar. Not just lessons and dreams, but journeys, random thoughts, and insane experiences.

The blog has just undergone a slight but revolutionary tweak: it’s subject has changed.

eddyazar.com is now all about…Eddy Azar.

Cheers to that.

That’s not completely true, but it’s damn close.

Candle not nearly as cute in person

While living at the Occupy Toronto tent city, a couple friends of mine have taken playing with fire to a whole new level: They’ve created a warm and largely renewable candle with a built-in safety trigger (to keep us from burning down the Occupy Toronto encampment).

Half candle, half dragon

Okay, first I’ll tell you all about why this candle is awesome.

  • Most of the wax from this candle ends up solidifying after you put the fire out. This means that the candle takes a very long time to grow smaller.
  • The flame gradually grows to a huge fireball in the container. After a while of intense heat and fire, the wax begins to boil and drown the fire. Before the fire is completely drowned, the wax will cool down and the fire will bulid back up again. This will continue indefinitely. This keeps the fire from going out of control while letting it give you enough heat to keep you warm.
  • The heat given off this candle isn’t as hot as a campfire, but it’s quite an improvement to the cold you’ll find without it. It’s also much less likely to go out of control than a camp fire.
  • The Occucandle is very easy to make, and costs no more than $10 for about a 2 liter candle.

Want one of your own? Yeah you do. Here’s how we managed to throw ours together:

(WARNING: The Occucandle is NOT safe. Be very careful when you build this thing, and don’t ever leave it unattended. It will burn everything.)

Yeah, kinda like that
  • At first, go ahead and burn a few candles normally. Burn them inside a metal container to let the melted was accumulate (we used a large coffee tin).
  • While the wax is liquid in the container, add a few handfuls of shredded paper and let it sit in the wax as it hardens (you’ll have to play with the paper to wax ratio to reach the heat and flame size you want. That said, we did it at about a 2:1 ratio with the paper un-crumpled)
  • When the melted wax and paper wicks accumulate in the container to a good height, light some of the paper on fire, and let it burn. Like I said before, KEEP AN EYE ON THIS THING. It can turn into a huge fireball very quickly.
  • As the candle burns and is consumed, continue to add wax and shredded paper as needed. You will need to do this less often than you think.
  • Keep water and some kind of choker (we used a bucket) to control the fire if it does get out of control. You can also nudge container a bit with your boot, which will move the the liquid wax around and drown some of the fire.

You can also pour the liquid wax into smaller molds to make many candles, or to experiment with different paper to wax ratios.


Finally, if you do manage to lose control of the fire and burn down a neighbourhood…don’t get me in trouble xD.


Happy pyro-ing,

– Eddy

The best picture I can find that somehow relates to the topic

Updates in blue. After thinking about this and batting the idea around with who’s opinions I love to hear, I’ve tweaked the mindset a bit more towards staying in shape because I’m constantly using my body, not working out to attract chicks. I’ve kept the old writing so you can see the evolution of this idea for yourself.

Quick note: Sadly, this technique will not work nearly so well for women as it will for men…if you prove me wrong, tell me! I will be wayyyy too happy and pretty impressed.


Why do you want to be sexy? Why do you want tight abs, arms, chest and ass?

The simple answer: Because you think it will get you laid.

The hilarious truth: many of the worlds most successful pickup artists are not sexy. Having a sexy body is awesome, but it alone wont get you women.

Despite knowing this for about 2 years now, I was (and still kinda am) part of this mass self delusion. “She doesn’t like me because I don’t make enough money and I’m not sexy enough. So now I’m gonna devote my time to looking good and making money so I can get laid xP


But not everyone is like us. (more…)

There are two different kinds of failures. The first is that which most have, and it is known to hold people back from their goals. Whenever they try to succeed they first fail, and the pain they feel from this failure forces them to recoil back into the life they had at first.

The second is possessed by those who we idolize. The Tim Ferrisss, Ramit Sethis, Stepan Parunashvilis and, in progress, the Eddy Azars of this world who live the dreams of the common people. To them a failure is an attempt well made. Worth a hint of bragging and never an impact on the confidence. It is simply a building block in the temple of their inevitable and already achieved success.


In direct terms:

The Negative Failure: He who’s confidence is based on his successes and the thoughts of others. Success puts him on top of the world, failure spirals himself into a pit of self hate and shame.

The Positive Failure: He who’s confidence is based on the fact that he is himself. Successes are confidence boosters and are fun, failures and good short stories and no big deal.

The key difference between those who can failure those who cannot is the source of their confidence.


This is why Tim Ferriss was excited that he finally had visible abs. He lived his whole life pursuing a super-fit body, but simply couldn’t get abs until about 2 years ago. Did it bug him? Not even a bit. But was he pumped when he succeeded? Totally.

Failure was just a neutral thing to him. He simply didn’t get abs. The battle was not done, but he was not worried.

Success was totally kool, but only worth a few lines in a book. The rest was devoted on teaching others the fast track to his long haul success.


So what do we take away from this? Simple.

Remove the link between your confidence and your success/failure. Pursue a bunch of goals because they’d be cool to have, but have pumped confidence all the time, regardless of results.

When you fail, remember that you have just done something to be proud of.

When you succeed, be confident and remember that your success was always inevitable.


I have decided to pursue the 4HB’s diet and workout because I want to look good. I want abs, I want lean muscles, I want a sexy body.

But why?

To please women.

And this is where i am conflicted. I do not want to base my self improvements on the need to gain approval from others. My money making goals are not based on this, and either are my traveling goals, but my physical and sexual goals are. I do not wish to look good for me. I strive to look good so that others may approve.

That’s fucked up. That is very fucked up.

And so the problem lies not in my pursuit of a powerful body and skilled seduction methods. The problem lies in the fact that I am afraid of the reprimand and negative judgement of others. Further; the problem lies in that I succumb to this fear!

THERE IT IS! The fatal flaw in myself: I succumb to the fear of being shunned.

Okay, good to know. Now we need a solution. (more…)

Tropical island dreams, copywriting nightmares, and breaking the law (and getting caught)



Last month turned out alright. I’m still having trouble getting copywriting clients, but this bullshit will stop. It’s in my head, not in my pitch.

I did write my book and submit the my TMBA application, but so far I haven’t profited much from either.

I am not where I expected myself to be a month ago, and I can say that for most months since I started down the entrepreneurial path. The problem is not in my self control, as self control is a limited resource.


The problem is in my pattern.


I must develop a pattern in which I devote a certain period of time daily to work. In which I have frequent days off. In which I achieve a balence of accomplishment and excitement every day.

I propose a three hour work day. Three hours is more than enough to accomplish a daily task. This leaves me with about 11 hours of free time to explore, relax, enjoy, and celebrate life.

I must accomplish something before I relax to follow my whims for a time and, until all my day’s goals are accomplished, my whimsical time shall be limited to 30 minute breaks in between tasks.

Okay, so it is decided: the day shall consist of three hours maximum of work, and no other actions for longer than 30 minutes (seperated by an hour) until the day’s work is completed.


I am conflicted on the matter of getting fit. I do it because I want to look good, but will that result in me instinctivly trying to please others? I’ll shoot up a post very soon as to my thoughts on that and my decision.


Onward to my November Goals:

Cash Moonay

fuck bitches, get monet
  • Sell your first online product via online store
    • make a store
    • find a dropshipper
    • advertise
    • make a sale
  • Make $250 via copywriting
  • Make $450 total


Self Improvement

  •  Do not succumb to the fear of being judged and shunned by others.
    •  Go 15 days without breaking the bracelet (I’ll explain the “Break it/Make it Bracelet” technique soon.
  • Check out Stepan’s new goal charts and decide if I want to use, modify, or ignore them.



  • Make $15/day so that I can afford to buy transportation and meals for small travel

Done. I now have tasks are are intense enough to improve my life and chill enough to let me enjoy it, and a schedule that demands success while limiting grind-time.



– Eddy


P.S. Quick status update: I’m currently living in my friend Tomer’s dorm at Queens University. University is AMAZING without the pressure of school.