canoeing on a frozen lake - Guelph, ON

I had a chat with my Montreal host (who’s been hosting me in his place for A MONTH!), and he pointed out that, for a traveler, I was awfully stagnant.

To date, I’ve been living in Montreal for 5 weeks. Up until a few days ago, I had good reasons (first to party, then to explore, then to have a meeting on the 29th with a group of advanced pickup artists), but they have all been fulfilled now and it’s time too move on.

This weekend, my family will be visiting the city. I’ll drive with them to Markham, spend a week in Newmarket to chat with my old time friends, and then make a beeline to NY.

I wonder how travel will benefit/screw with my uberman sleep schedule…I’ve got a feeling I’ll be napping in some weird places.

Carpe Diem!

– Eddy


Everyone says set a deadline. Be it income, women, school, the amount of hot dogs you eat, whatever. The idea is, make it fit:

“I must do [awesomazing goal] by [close cut deadline]…here’s how.”

This setup is wonderful, especially with a carrot/stick at the end. Definitely use this.

But there is a far more powerful route to setting goals that I have just discovered:

“I must do [awesomazing goal] every day. I cannot even consider quitting or lowering this until [far off deadline]…here’s how.”

For example, two of my current goals are:

  • “I must sleep on the uberman schedule (2.5 hours a day) every day. I cannot even consider quitting or lowering this until the end of March…here’s how.”
  • “I must approach 30 cuties every day, including the hottest girl I see. I cannot even consider quitting or lowering this until the end of May…here’s how (link on the way)”

When you remove from your reality the possibility of quitting, everything changes. It’s not that you get punished if you quit, you simply can’t quit. It’s not a thing.


This means you will either try and succeed or try and fail….which means you will improve yourself….which means you will succeed.

Now go. Do it.

– Eddy

Become a Master Pick Up Artist


  • Approach 5 girls a day = SUCCESS
  • Get 4 numbers a week = failed
  • Get laid once = failed
What does this mean? That I’m alright at approaching. I can get over AA easily enough, I can approach any girl, and I’m even persistent.
I’m not sure where the problem is (I’m going to a meetup tonight with some better PUAs, I’ll theorize before and get some opinions)…but I’m gonna go out with some pros and get some higher up opinions and really start paying attention to each interaction to see what happens.

$3500/month with <5hours of work/week

  • 15 calls each for 3 products to MBS Dropshippers every day = FAILED
  • $500 total from copywriting gigs = $300

Optional Month goals

  • Switched from SPAMAYL to Uberman = rocking it like a boss!
  • Daily lesson learned = quit
  • Game visualizations = quit

Extra stuff:

  • Got an internship


This seems to happen often. I feel like I’m doing amazing on my goals all month, and I come to the end and see that I failed.


I think I need to:

  1. Not allow myself to get sidetracked by other goals. This month, I stick with game, copywriting, MBS, and polynapping
  2. Do an 80/20 everyday of “Am I doing stuff that will give me the biggest return right now?”

In my last post on polynapping, you found out what I’ve learned on where to nap and when.

This post is all about stuff you can use and do to make your polynappy life awesome.


  • By far my favorite thing in this category is pzizz. It’s an always newly customized audio track of soothing sounds and wonderful suggestions that walk you through every stage of your nap from preparation to awakening with energy. For first time users, this will be almost too amazing to exist. It will knock you out, it will put you into phase 3 or R.E.M. and it will wake you up feeling energized.
  • Get a high quality sleep mask (I sell the best here). Then, put in on and sleep under as much light as you can find. The mask will help your brain relax and sleep, and removing it to an abundance of light will get your body into wake up mode immediately.
  • Have an alarm that vibrates. The best for this is your phone. You might not always wake up to the sound, but a small box suddenly vibrating near your crotch is unignoreable.
  • Wear earplugs or noise cancelling headphones (best one’s are the Hearos Earplugs). The best sound to hear is pzizz. Then nothing. Then your music. Then situational sound.
Not too sure how this competition works…but I’d win xD


  • Get a partner. I cannot talk enough about how essential this is. A polynapping partner will keep you motivated, make sure you never oversleep, give you tips you never thought of, and just continually make your life awesome. Finding my partner (David & Shai), was the driving reason behind creating my @PolynappyEddy twitter, and for posting all over the internet about it.
  • Already mentioned above, use a sleep mask to sleep under intense light. This will put you in wake up mode when the nap is over.
  • Have multiple alarms. If possible, put one of these out of reach and loud enough to break through any earplugs your wearing. When I’m sleeping in a cafe and I know I’m gonna have wake up issues, I’ve got 5 alarms. My vibrating beeping phone, or onlinevideoclock, pzizz, and two strangers (side note: I’ve never seen anyone cause such a ruckus by sleeping xD).
  • Don’t drink caffeine. It screws your naps up and you’ll never need it again once your body adjusts to polyphasic sleep.
  • Workout when you wake up, not before sleep. Don’t work out much until your body adjusts.
  • Eat when you wake up, not before sleep. (eating clean is apparently a HUGE help in polynapping, but I haven’t tested myself yet)
  • Masterbait before sleep, not when you awaken. (I’ll let you know how sex effects it when I get some ;P)

I’ve noticed that I keep oversleeping and fucking up my schedule. I just ran some quick calculations, and I’m sleeping an average of 4.13 hours a night for the last four nights instead of the 2.5 I should be out.

So, for all you in transition who are getting the same thing, here’s a list of where to sleep and when so you maximize your efficiency.

Nap Locations

  • Home on your bed/couch will probably give you the best sleep. It will also keep you asleep wayyy too long if your exhausted (especially at night). If your feeling very tired do not sleep on these.
  • If your at home and too tired for bed, sleep on a solid chair (not some lazyboy. A tough desk chair or kitchen chair). Your sleep won’t be a very good one, but it will be enough that you can spend the next one in a bed and not get knocked out.
  • My personal favorite is a quiet cafe with a few plush chairs. Ask a couple (that’s 2) strangers to wake you up in __ minutes, set up your alarm(s), throw on your mask and eargear, and pass out with complete confidence in your waking up again.
    • Side note: some baristas are dicks and will bug you when your sleeping and say you can’t. What I do in these situations is firmly but funly tell them what I’m up to with this schedule, that I’m looking to become a regular customer at cafes that are perfect for quick naps, that I tweet about the best cafes (which will bring them more polynapper customers), and (if you’ve got the cash and this hasn’t worked) throw in a bribe of $5.
      • If they pull some “My manager told me…” shit, tell them you want to speak to the manager. Take this shit all the way to the CEO if you have to.
        • And, of course, ask forgiveness not permission.
  • If you’re location is awesomazing enough to have a sleep cafe near by, go there all the time. (and let me know which city it’s in)
  • A personal favourite of mine is grassy parks. You can just lie on a hill with the sun warming you up (and your awesome eyeshade keeping it dark) and drift off.
I <3 Sleep Cafes

Overall rules

These are a few guide lines to help you find your own spots.

  • Always aim for quiet and dark. This rule can be totally erased with a sleep mask and some high quality earplugs/noise blocking headphones (all of which I sell/will sell on
  • If your very tired do not sleep alone at home. You will pass out, you will fuck up your sched.
  • If you find that your forced to sleep in an uncomfortable location like a club, bar, car, etc. (yes, I’ve done those), spend your next nap somewhere guaranteed you won’t fall asleep.


That’s right, I said it. I regret dropping out of highschool and never going to university.

How do birds learn to fly? On the drop.

Not for the money…I’m already making more per hour than my credit manager mom, and travel hacking to spend nothing on food, transport, and lodgings as I travel North America.

Not for the education…The stuff I’m learning now is usually not taught in school, and when it is it’s made slooow, indirect, and boooring.

Not for the connections…I’m friends with a couple of millionaires, working along side famous entrepreneurs, and creating mutually beneficial friendships with all the people I can find who can and do change the world.

Not any of that.


What I regret is the social life I’m missing out on. All the guys my age, and the girls I’m into, live and spend their days at University.

Living on Rez with my friend for a week changed me. Everyone understands where your at in your life (or at least a lot more people do xP), no one is afraid of speaking their mind, having sex for fun, falling in love without worry, dreaming HUGE, or experimenting and discovering new stuff.

A huge amount of the people there were there because they didn’t have the balls to defy their friends/family, or they couldn’t think of anything better to do. Not to learn craploads of usable knowledge to help them attain a specific goal in life.

Just to fill in a time gap.


And, just to put your HUGE dreams into perspective, 4 out of 5 of the richest people in the USA are DROPOUTS. (check out this short list)


If your not 100% certain that university is for you, take a year off school and boring work. You don’t even need a specific plan for your year…you’ll figure it out after the first few months of doing nothing start to become less amazing and more hated.

You will NEED to do something, and without university serving as a filler for that need, you will turn your attention to the things that light you on fire. The things that make you passionate, jack up your heart rate just talking about, and make your life worth living.

Travel the world, intern (for pay!) under a millionaire entrepreneurmaster the art of romance, write for money.

And give me a shout if you decide on (or are even think about) skipping the ordinary life to do something extraordinary…I’ll devote every fiber of my being to helping you get there.

Remember, there is no age limit to university…there is NO downside to taking a year off to see if you can live the dream (and a whole lotta upsides)


Carpe Diem! Tomorrow never comes.

– Eddy


P.S. More on this in my earlier (much earlier) post on Why Dropouts Make More Money Than Grads

There I was. Sitting on a foot thick ledge on the wrong side of the rail, legs swinging in the air over 27 stories off the ground.

I took a deep, gentle, breath, and looked out over the world. I understood why monks meditated on mountains…there’s something amazing about watching the world do it’s thing far below you. You become detached from that reality, and enter a new realm of your own…a realm that feels much more like god.

Suddenly, the need to jump came to me. I could soar, and experience something no one else had. I’d always known that free-falling was the best way to die…great view and enough time to reflect on the beauty of life and the wonder of what comes next. (more…)

While awake

  • talk to sooooooo many strangers. If they’re even remotely interesting for any reason, I’m saying hi. My opener “Hi, I need to stay awake till my next nap, and you seem interesting enough to keep me up”
  • blog, tweet, status update etc. to keep you posted
  • Get my first credit card
  • Get multiple internships
  • Get more copywriting clients and do a lot more copywriting work (aka make mooonay)
  • Do copywriting for and get all my products ready to sell
  • Launch the blog and start building a following
  • take SOO many courses (mostly from my buy of the deal)
  • Sarge with pick up artists
  • write for my friends’ business pro-bono
  • Pitch a bunch of mentors to do copywriting projects for them
  • Get pro at poker (damn, I need some money for this)
  • Learn lucid dreaming

While okay

  • talk to sooooooo many strangers. If they’re even remotely interesting for any reason, I’m saying hi. My opener “Hi, I need to stay awake till my next nap, and you seem interesting enough to keep me up”
  • Read SOO many blogs
  • Read SOO many books
  • Sarge with pick up artists
  • see family
  • Learn Handstands
  • Empty my Inbox with the Baydin Revive Your Inbox email series
  • Learn to shuffle a deck of cards
  • Learn French
  • Increase my typing speed
  • Increase my reading speed

While Zombie

  • Watch Road Trip, The Tao of Steve, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, a load of other movies
  • Play Wesnoth
  • Play xBox
  • Watch TV online
  • Sarge with pick up artists
  • Clean my room, computer, dishes
  • Go out in the cold to wake up
  • take ice showers


That’s all I got right now…time to ROCK IT

Carpe more Diem!

– Eddy

A month ago, I decided to start sleeping polyphasically. Instead of sleeping 9 hours a night like I usually do, the plan is to sleep 2 hours a day. Once my body adjusts, I’ll actually function better than I do on a 9 hour monophasic sleep schedule.

I tried a few different versions of this so far (SPAMAYL and then Everyman 2) and have failed twice. So I’m dialing back. If all goes well, I’ll be sleeping 3 hours a day on March 1st  and 2 on the 29th.

I’ll be slowly progressing up the polyphasic ladder. Starting with a week of Siesta (6.3 hours), then two weeks of Everyman 2 (5.2 hours), three weeks of Everyman 3 (4 hours), four weeks of Everyman 4 (2.8 hours), and finally transition into Uberman (2 hours) and stay there.

Scratch that xD. I’ve been advised/challenged by Tynan to leap straight into the uberman and just ride out the first week of zombie like sleep-deprived hallucinogenic hellfire.

So that’s what’s happening. NOW.


  • Different sleep schedule types here
  • SPAMAYL schedule here
  • My sleep schedule (mapped out on google calendar) here
  • Tynan, Maneesh, and Neetu’s hardcore attempts at immediately entering the UberMan (2 hours a day) here. Read the first few months.
  • My twitter feed on the mission to gain an extra 49 hours a week here (follow me and I’ll devote a polyphasic hour to loving you for it xD)
P.S. I am not allowed to even consider quitting or going easier until the end of March

Alright, let’s get this shit done.

Become a Master Pick Up Artist

January is all about approaches and numbers. I’m spending a few weeks in Montreal, so I’ll be able to go from meet to number to fuck with a girl or two xD.

Every day, I’m approaching a five girlies. I want a number a day. I’ll use a few canned routines and a bunch of suggestions that push my limits (where am I?, talking about sex, eye contact, disagree, etc.), as well as a few sets that involve me walking up and being totally real.

I’m also gaming with another PUA when I hit Toronto. He’s opening up a TO layer and it sounds awesome, so we’re gonna game to see if we get on beautifully together. I wanna start gaming and hanging with other PUAs so, when I make a few bucks, I’m gonna start contacting them and going out.

So, this month’s PUA goals:

  • 5 approaches a day. If I fail, I have one day to make up the difference
  • 4 numbers a week
  • Get laid once

$3500/month with <5hours of work/week

This month is all about getting MBS ready for serious action. That means getting all my dropshipping deals locked in.

I’ll be contacting 5 leads each for 3 products a day. That’s 15 calls a day for three products.

I will also be doing some copywriting to get a few bucks, so I’ve set a goal of $500 from copywriting this month.

This month’s Biz Goals:

  • 15 calls each for 3 products to MBS Dropshippers every day
  • $500 total from copywriting gigs

Optional Month Goals

This month is all about getting into a polyphasic sleep schedule. Namely the SPAMAYL. I’m told it takes around 2 weeks to adjust to. I’ll be tracking the time I spend asleep and awake, and let you know how much time I’m saving.

To start, I sleep average of 9 hours a day without any alarm.

I’m also going to start recording the life les

sons I learn every day in my twitter account.

Month Goal:

  • Get into SPAMAYL sleep schedule: Sleep whenever I’m tired for 25minute increments
  • Record a lesson learned every day

Optional Week Goal

I’ve got one multi-week goal this month. I will spend two weeks doing Pickup Artist visualizations every day. Each visualization will go from approach to sex, and will all take different and possible paths.

  • Write a game visualization every day


Alright, I’m off to take a 25 minute nap xD



– Eddy