While sifting through my old onenote notebooks, I ran across a gem of an entry. At some point, I sat down and wrote down what I wanted out of life. What it would take for me to know I had reached true success.

It still holds true right now.


To be friends with people who I respect and learn from, and who respect and learn from me

To be able to pack up all my belongings and travel somewhere new on a dimes notice

To regularly spend $40/day without flinching

To always have at least one romantic relationship running

To always be working on at least one form of self improvement

Freedom is:

      • To be free to drop whatever I’m doing and go do something more interesting on a second’s notice
      • To never worry about what others think of me, to be able to make friends with everyone I see.
      • To be able to live in temporary homes all around the world
      • To be able to totally ignore my income streams for months at a time without significant negative reprucussions
      • To be able to learn a new skill or pursue a passion whenever I want.
      • To be surrounded by a world-wide-web of supportive and inspiring friends.
      • TL:DR – To be completely free to go where you want, do what you want, be with who-ever you want, whenever you want, without any worry about negative repercussions

I never gave this year a theme. It’s got $3500/month and becoming a Master Lover, but no overarching quality that I’m out to perfect.

Well now it does.

This is the year of perseverance.

The year of grinding through when things get boring, hard, scary, or chaiotic. The year of not accepting any excuses and working harder than I should. The year of killing laziness and training myself to just do what I gotta do. The year of ignoring setbacks and negative thoughts and learning to grind when I need to grind. The year of setting reverse deadlines and rocking them till the end.

I’ll think and fix later, when the jobs done.

Shout Out to Tynan’s Grandfather

A bit back, I posted about an awesome deadline system I’d started using. I dubbed them Reverse Deadlines.

They follow the format of

“I must do [awesomazing goal] every day. I cannot even consider quitting or lowering this until [far off deadline]…here’s how”


Here are the one’s I’m doing now:

  • I must masterbait once a week. I cannot even consider quitting or lowering this until the end of May.
  • I must stay on the uberman pollynapping schedule. I cannot even consider quitting or lowering this until the end of May.
  • I must get 70 pick up points a week. I cannot even consider quitting or lowering this until the end of 2012.
  • I must not watch TV or movies (except in social situations), till the end of May.
  • I must not eat food, till the end of 36 hours. (done)

Alright, with me stuck out of the US for the foreseeable future and without the cash (or inclination to chase it) to leave the country by any other means, I’m stuck in Canada.

That means my travel is stunted. Canada is damn HUGE, and it’s got a lot of empty roads between cities. If I were to backpack to BC, I’d have to spend quite a few nights sleeping outdoors.

Now, I’d love to rough it like that and I’ll definitely do it in the future, but right now it would wreak havoc with my productivity.


So here’s the adventure rough plan:

  • Vagabond and couchsurf around Ontario for a few weeks/1.5 months (Wasaga beach, Keswick, Newmarket, Toronto, King, w/e)
  • Maybe hit Montreal and Quebec after that
  • decide from there

It’s not as awesomesauce as I want it to be, but I need to find something that I’m totally in love with and wanna make money of for now.

Go ahead. Draw your lines.


Life is so simple, so blank. We are born into a world where the only irrefutable guidelines are the laws of physics and a desire to survive. Things like gravity, the need for sustenance, and the desire to pro-create.

Besides these few rules, all we are given is a huge blank slate.


Now, we could just accept this and live by the few rules we know. This is what most animals do. We could just follow our base impulses and think little about the future.

But we’re not programmed to do that.

So we take out a non-permanent marker and start drawing lines. We set up all these rules to live by, and now we finally have our long awaited order.


But we don’t. Because we’re not the only ones drawing these lines; Everyone is. And their lines are gonna cross ours and butt heads.

So we go to help eachother, with the best intentions possible at heart. We say “Look at your lines, they are wrong. My lines are better, you should follow them.”. Forgetting, of course, that we made these lines up in the first place.


Some lines are very powerful, because everyone follows them and wants to help everyone else follow them. If you don’t follow them, you get brow beaten into doing so or removed from their way.

This is how man made laws are made. This is where we find police and schools and governments and courts and jails. They are all here to re-enforce those imaginary lines.

There’s nothing wrong with this, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with trying to change it, because it’s all been made in the pursuit of perfection. It will keep getting better, it will always be hugely flawed, and it will always work to get even better.

Because our lines are build upon our want, our picture of the perfect world. We impose them on others because we want to help them create a perfect world. It’s all good intentions.

But in the end, I think it’s good to remember that our perfect world is made up, and it’s not gonna jive with the perfect world that someone else made up. We must learn to let others follow their lines, create their own worlds, live their own lives. Just get out of each other way and bond with people who have created lines similar to ours.


But hey, that’s just my lines.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been really fucked up for the past month or so. I’ve been lazy as a motherfucker, I’ve lost all direction, I’ve forgotten what I wanted, and so I found myself dying alive. Not to mention I’ve made zero progress towards my goals (negative progress actually).

After the Sono Solo post, I kinda worked through a lot of what’s been fucking with my head. It was a mistake to drop my game and polyphasic goals, because I enjoyed them. Sure, I was taking on more than I could chew, but I loved it. I was living on the edge, always pushing to get more and more done, and moving forward at a pretty sweet pace.

Since I dropped them, all I had left was to make money which, let’s face it, I don’t really enjoy. It involves a lot of cold calling and client dealing and just boring stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, getting rich can (and must) be great fun, but there’s far too much humdrum tasks and tedious work that I must force myself to do for it to be my main goal. As I have found out, after a while of facing a calendar of tasks that I hate, I simply fall into video games and the like and wind up living dead.


That’s why I like having a goal like Becoming a Master Pick Up Artist to off set it. The road to being a master pick up artist is exciting through and through. You read inspiring advice, go out and explore the world, talk to people who fascinate you, improve and get to know yourself, and (when you get some skills) make love to a stream of gorgeous and interesting women. It’s all exciting.

And, when I know that today will consist of that, my mind is kicked into achiever mode. I either head out and do it immediately (which gets the ball rolling when it’s time to do the hard stuff), or anticipate a night of going out and rip through the hard stuff because I’m pumped already.

So now I’m bringing back my goal of becoming a master pick up artist (as well as polynapping because it’s good fun).


So, to the battle plan:



Become a Master Pick Up Artist

Since I’m starting from the beginning, I’m going back to focusing on nailing the approaches and setting up day twos. I’ll also become active on a couple forums (one from montreal and fastseduction.com for now), and reading a few old books that pumped me up (double your dating, nineball, and something by Zan Perrion.)

I’m faced with the logistical obstacle of being broke, so I’ll have to get creative on my outing ideas (and avoid clubs).

So, this month’s PUA goals:

  • 70 points a week
  • Meet up with local PUAs (through Project Toronto) and sarge.
  • Split test a variety of openers to find a couple with good reactions and versatility
    • Hi
    • the bet
  • Read 9ball, DYD, and Zan’s archives
  • Make 4 posts each on TML and fastseduction
  • Masterbait once a week

$3500/month with <5hours of work/week

Right, so I’m in debt, a sham of a copywriter and, all in all, not doing too well on the business end of life.

I’m dropping copywriting cause I hate it and I’m not good at it. I’m reviving Rad Nomad cause that shit is awesome. I’m working with Andy Drish (for free for now) because I need to get good at cold calling anyway, and Andy’s an awesome mentor. That will make my time a huge mass of deal making. It’s gonna get repetitive, and it’s gonna suck balls, but it’s gotta get done.

This month’s Biz goals

  • Get 2 partners for Referral Squirrel (should be easy enough to do in 6 weeks)
  • Move MBS to Rad Nomad
  • Build 10 shops and contact all 10 nomads
  • Write for 4 shops
  • Book 4 talks for Andy

Optional Month Goals

Like I said, I dropped polynapping and that sucked. So I’m picking it back up.

It’s good that I don’t have too many intense thinking tasks set up for the month, because I won’t be performing at my top until I adjust. I’m leaping right back into the uberman, starting in a couple hours.


I also got barred from the US, which has lead to me spending about 2 months at home (oh the humanity). I’m thinking about backpacking to BC now, but I’m not sure about it because there are a couple huge gaps where I’d have no where to sleep for days. I’m making a final decision tomorrow, and I’ll let you know what it is.


Also, I’ll be spending the next 13 weeks on Eben Pagan’s wake up productive course.



– Eddy


P.S. I’ll be making a few posts related to this in the coming days. A theme for 2012, some reverse deadlines in action, and my next adventure destination

I forgive you dad. I understand. You loved me.


Mom, it’s not your fault. You don’t know how to love because you grew up without it. It’s not in your DNA and it’s not in your childhood.

You see me as something that reflects on you. You love me, I can tell, as much as you could ever love anything.

But that’s not much.


Chris, you fucking failed me. You forgot how to deal with me, you got detached from me, and your motives are no longer to make me love life. I don’t know what your motives are, but you’ve forgotten how to deal with me.


I am alone. It’s just me. Dad’s dead, Mum’s useless, and Chris has forgotten.

I have to rely on me, I’m the only one who will ever be around for me. This will either wreck me (like it does to most people), or make me strong enough to fight ahead when all others fall short.


You see, many people have a torch. Given to them by their parents, it lights the way and makes sure they don’t scrape themselves on rocks too often.

I have a match. And now it’s burnt out.

Some people have nothing.


That means that I have the greatest odds of achieving my dream.

For those with a torch, they will get far. But when their torch finally burns out and they start getting hurt in the uncharted territory, they will not have the experience to weather the pains and keep moving forward. Often, they will become comfortably normal.

For those with nothing, they get hit too hard, too soon. Before they have a chance to see a path, they are forced to grow a tough shell or die. This shell will stop them from even noticing a meaning in life, so they’ll never make it far. Fucked up or normal is where they usually end up.

For people with a match, they get hurt a lot. But they have enough light to  choose a path and a reason for persevering. Then the match burns out, and they get hurt nearly as hard as those with nothing. But, if they have chosen a path in the short time they have, they will have a reason to move forward. They will develop a tough shell, tough enough to let them persevere where everyone else gives in, and they will develop a goal to aim at.

There are few situations better suited for achieving personal success than my own. I have been given amazing DNA, my path has not been padded, but has been lit enough for me to see it. Now my match is gone, and the path is known. It’s time for me to be able to rely solely on myself, and to make my dream of love and freedom into my reality.