I overslept a bit last night, but huge improvement.

I’m gonna nap with the lights on, and sitting in a chair. Whenever I awaken zombielike, I will spend a few minutes on stumbleupon until my brain awakens again.

I honestly think not having a home and napping in cafes gave me a HUGE edge…If I still can’t stick this, I’ll go back to being hobo for a week.

I’m taking Eben Pagan’s Wake Up Productive course (it’s awesome, take it), and one bit stuck with me this week.

Keep your dreams in front of you. They will help you remember why your working so damn hard when your in the middle of it all. They’re the best inspirations in the world because they are completly tailored to you.

So, here’s my dreams:



I will not quit.


I think I’ve got two issues here:

1) Bed is too comfortable

2) I am not trained to jump out of bed when my alarm goes off


I am sleeping with some blankets on the floor from now on, and I’m gonna take a bunch of 5 minute rests and then leaping up to awaken to train my body to respond to my alarm.

This is a comment I made on Maneesh’s Embracing Fear post…turned out to be pretty awesome.





The biggest fear I’m destroying right now is that of flirting and getting sexual with  gorgeous women.


I’ve been concentrating on it’s destruction for about a week now, and it’s a process I don’t ever expect to stop.


So far, I’ve:

1) Had a dancefloor makeout with an cover-girl worthy blondie (http://www.pua-zone.com/showthread.php?3691-Instant-Makeout-with-a-HB10-Blondie-Using-Advanced-Gorilla-Method)

2) spent the last two nights getting blown out of every set without a single success

3) Approached about every single woman I’ve fancied (and many I haven’t) with mostly dead-pan results, and the occasional huge success (like with the blondie)


The only time I feel like shit is, not when I get heavily rejected, not when she seems uninterested or even totally creeped out….it’s when I don’t approach her. Getting blown out is easy to view as a learning process, because literally every approach (successful or not) can be quickly reviewed to find out what went wrong and has to be fixed.


It’s scary as hell to talk to the first few, but after a success or two (and seeing a girl light up because I made her day), it’s easy.




NUMBER 2: Dolla


This one’s a hell of a lot more subtle. Every time it’s time to do awesome entrepreneurial shit, I hit a barrier and often get distracted.


So, by this time next week, I’ll

  1. Have found an SEO partner for chillhookahs.com
  1. Moved all my site details from MBS to RadNomad.com
  2. Written 7 visualizations, converted them to porn stories and submitted them to the companies I wanna work with (lol, that’s right, I wanna be a porn writer xD)
  1. Generate a shit tone of viable biz ideas using Gary Halbert’s idea gen method




Carpe Diem guys, see you in a week.

  • Eddy

I tried to make it through my final night of clubbing, but I think we both know that it was not gonna be…the track record just doesn’t lie.

That said, that was my FINAL night. From now on, I’m spending my days romping around downtown meeting women and building biznizzes…this means I’ll be back to napping in cafes and spending my nights on work instead of exhausting clubbing.

And that has an AWESOME track record.


Stay posted,

– Eddy

p.s. I know this is disappointing…3 days in a row without a full day’s success…WTF Eddy!?! No worries, my awesome friend, today is the first day of my major success.

Clubbing will be the death of me.

I dropped the ball again last night after another night of clubbing and crappy sleep in the cafes….I’ve drop off the schedule twice now, and both times it’s been because of a club night.

This means I’ll have to cut nightgame out of my schedule for a few weeks (poor party girls, what will they do for the next half month?) :'(

I’m gonna try one last club night tonight (because I promised a mate, and because I need to practice a move), and then I’m switching my Love goals to the daytime and my Entrepreneurship goals to the night time.

Carpe more Diem

– Eddy

Arggggg, I have succumb to sleep.


I spent most of yesterday sleeping, wondering why my alarm wasn’t enough to wake me up. (I later realized that the wakeup song on my sleep playlist had been deleted….it just put me to sleep and left me there xP)

That totally sucks because that means I really am back to square one in my REM sleep deprivation (which means I’ll have to start my adaptation from scratch and go through another 7 or so days of zombieness before I hit a flow that is even remotely ok)

Two AWESOME benefits that I did not loose are:

  • The ability to fall asleep within minutes. I’m a bit of a onset sleep insomniac (It takes me forever to fall asleep), so this is just awesome.
  • My sleep seems to last for hours. I always wake up feeling like I’ve slept a full night.

Right, so I’m back on the horse.


Carpe more Diem!

– Eddy


After getting an extra few hours of sleep this morning, I had my first polyphasic dream (actually it was a…daymare?) at noon.

This is an AWESOME sign. It means that my REM sleep is finally syncing with my polyphasic pattern, which means my tiredness will soon disappear.

But my next nap, I couldn’t even fall asleep. My mind was not overactive or anything, so I just lay in bed feeling each second go by. Not a wink of sleep.

Now this was confusing…It could be that I was adapting fully, but that was simply too well (better than any other I’ve heard of so far) and too fast.

Between 10pm and 4am, it was all clubbing. I managed to catch a late snooze at a nearby restaurant, but not nearly satisfying enough.

Yet still, I felt wide awake and totally mentally alert.

So I get home (my brain all screwed from the fact that I just got back from the intense Montreal clubs after a day of intense stuff, and I’m not going to bed.), and hit the hey for my 0600…

And don’t wake up till 10 xP.



But don’t despair, this puts me back to day 0. I’m not quitting until my 30 days is achieved!

New rule for round 2: Don’t miss naps by more than 30 minutes.

Carpe more Diem!


Interesting day.

Started off verry rough, with me insisting on reading about sleep and so feeling verrrrrrrryyyyyyyy tired.

See, I’ve trained my body to associate reading with the action that comes immediately before sleeping. Add to that my sleep deprived state and the content of the book being about sleep, and I found my eyes shutting off despite slapping my self and staring into the sun.

I’ll be doing further experimentation with reading to see if it will make me tired at all times, or if there are ideal situations for it.


Then I hit a café (after replacing  my finally-destoryed laptop charger), and got to work on making some sales calls. After coming off sleezy too many times than I’d like, and getting quite a few stale answers, I finally found myself in swing and making awesome calls. I finished up, but then decided to make a final push and took two more.

The last one went from introduction to planned meeting without a bump xD.

I wrote down what made the calls so awesome:

“I find that the more I talk like complete equals, the better response I get. Even mentioning that we have a website or company name seems to sour the lead at first (probably because it takes away from the environment I’ve created of “We’ve called you because your special”). At the same time, acting submissive in any way is also a turn off (I think it reminds them strongly of how most Indian sales callers come off…very “may I lick you boot” ish).

Talking mono a mono is my sweet spot (and, coincidentally or not, the one I like the most)”


Next up, it was time to go to a meeting that a pair of master PUAs were holding in montreal. By god it was good to be surrounded by other pickup artists again. I have yet to meet another group of people (although I suspect entrepreneurs to come close) who are as dedicated to self improvement and the destruction of fears. Just being surrounded by them, I was engulfed in the vibe of the room. There were no social barriers, no one trying to one up eachother. Everyone was teaching everyone else, and not a single one of us acted as a weight.

It’s interesting to see how bad a rap pickup artists get. Maybe, someday, I will devote a blog post to explaining the beauty to be found in a man who is so in love with women, and so dedicated to enjoying his life, that he undertakes the life altering, mind reforming, constantly scary and limit pushing gauntlet of learning how to love women and have them love him back.

Then again, any action that distrupts the norm is instantly and without forethought attacked by the normal people. It’s just hivemind in action.

But I do wonder…what would the world be like if all men weren’t afraid to learn to love women. If all women had no reason to hate men who wanted to make love to them once, and leave feeling mutually great.


During this meeting, I had arrived late because my gorggy mind somehow didn’t associate 7pm on the clock with 7pm start-of-the-meeting, and I just sat in a café for an hour being zoned out xP. I had taken my 6pm nap and hour late, and then missed my 10pm in the throws of the meetup.


I went home to the property of one of the PUAs, who had offered to host me for a few days along with another (now friend) PUA, and immediately hit the bed.

I slept for 3 hours.

No worries, that’s not enough to throw me back to day one.

The lesson here is to remember that, while naps can (but shouldn’t) be adjusted by an hour or so, doing so will mean being more tired for the next few naps. And you definitely can’t do this twice in a row without a significant repercussion.

Now then, I have just come back from my morning ritual and am off to rock day 4.


Carpe more Diem!

– Eddy