The Experiment

For the next 6 and a half months (begun on December 15th, 2012), I will focus 5 days a week & at least 7 hours a day on learning, practicing, & profiting from copywriting.

For these months, copywriting is sacred. Nothing will be allowed to interfere with it. Women, adventure, learning, playing; all that will be enjoyed only if it does not interfere with copywriting.

EDIT: Not just copywriting anymore. Now it’s also GrowthHacking at Contenga & ChillHookahs & RadNomad & wherever else.

The Reason

I am doing this because I think it will bring me the most joy on a 5-year scale, not on a 1 week scale.

In the last two years since beginning the entrepreneurial path, I have had many adventures and learned many things, growing from boy to man in the process. But I have not become a successful entrepreneur.

Now, I feel the weight of time & the disparage between my dreams at 17 & my reality at 19. I want to have a serious entrepreneurial success as soon as I can.

If I am successful in my goal & never have to worry about basic money ever again, it will be worth it. Even with the risks and downsides, it will be worth it.

And there are some scary risks in focusing on one thing for six months, and a set of plans and steps I’ve set up to fend off & repair the worst case scenario. All that is here.

The Hypothesis & Goal

I believe that focus will result in a more direct route to a goal, and that locking in and really working on something is the only way to make something great happen quickly.

My hypothesis & goal is that I will be making $3000/month by July 1st 2012.

  • January 1st: $0
  • February 1st: $50
  • March 1st: $200
  • April 1st: $600
  • May 1st: $1500
  • June 1st: $2500
  • July 1st: $3000

Should I fail, I will know that my hypothesis has been proven wrong, and that I have to combine focus with something else to reach success.

The Rules


From Monday to Friday, from 1400-2100 hours, I will be working on copywriting.


From 14-16, I will be writing verbatim & reading copywriting books.

I will take a 10 minute break every 50 minutes, and a 30 minute break every 2 hours.

During 1630-1830 & 1900-2100 I will be working on actual copywriting, with breaks to read copywriting books should I hit a block.


At the first of every month, during my monthly review, I will review my progress, the money I have made, and any thoughts I have.

Experiment Log

January 1st

Goal for this month: $0

Money made this month: $0

Took a complete break of focus in the last week and a half, for a mini break of snowboarding, travelling, partying, trying shrooms, meeting old friends, and resting.

That was great, and worth the lost time, but it also threw me WAYY off. Not only did I not do any work during that time, but I’m also having ponderous progress at getting back into the groove. I’ve had 2 failed starts trying to get back into it, I feel a bit depressed and afraid that I’m going to fail at this goal from lack of destroying my fears and thinking deeply, and my brain feels foggy & unable to concentrate on being creative or planning well.

Currently reviewing December & planning January. By the end of this week my mind will be back in full gear, I hope.

February 1st

Goal for this month: $50

Money made this month: $0

Well, I’m working hard, but not hard enough. I’ve given into fear far too often, and laziness even more so.

I didn’t complete any jobs.

For this month, I’m going work 4 sessions a day (that’s 8 hours a day) from Sun-Fri.

No more wasted time. Stagnation time will be spend either napping or learning.

March 1st

Goal for this month: $200

Money made this month: $100

April 1st

Goal for this month: $600

Money made this month: somewhere between $0 & $1500

Won the Entrepreneur’s Apprenticeship, now I’m getting paid xD. I’m ahead of schedule until May 1st.

May 1st

Goal for this month: $1500

Money made this month: $1500

Not ahead of schedule anymore. Aiming to get ChillHookahs to make up the next month’s $1000

June 1st

Goal for this month: $2500

Money made this month: $1500

July 1st

Goal for this month: $3000

Money made this month: $1587

The Result

Interesting things learned though this. First off, setting a powerful goal does make shit happen. In the last 6 months, I’ve gone from making $0 to making $1500/month.

Secondly, it is now less about money for me as it is about learning the skills to make it. How will I do that? By becoming a Master Growth Hacker. First at Contenga, helping rocket Contenga businesses to success. Then making a few of my own and doing the same.


I’ll call this goal an overall success. I only made half of my end financial goal, but my learning has spiked heavily and then settled to a fast upwards trend here at Contenga. I expect the skill of becoming a growth hacker to solve my financial problems for the rest of my live by the age of 23.

* side note: If this doesn’t work, try an alternating schedule of building your network & doing one thing you really enjoy.. that schedule is here.

The way I see it, I only want to have kids if it will be a win-win-win.

A win for me, in that I will enjoy it.

A win for them, in that I can raise them wonderfully and in a wonderful reality.

And a win for existence, in that their existence will significantly improve the ratio of  awesome to crappy.

What does this mean?

Well, for me to enjoy it, I have to be ready to diprioritize everything in my life so that they are my first priority for at least 30 years.

Which means that I will have reached a place where I have created and much automated a series of businesses that are improving the world, I have found a way to be immortal, I have explored and customized and come to an understanding of who I am, and I have found a woman who is perfect genetically and philosophically.

I have to ensure that they win out of this.

Which means that they come into a world that contains a plethora of resources they can use to grow and explore and create and enjoy, and that they have a father who knows how to help them do so and can put them as his number 1 priority and investment of both time and resources. I imagine that, once the first win is achieved, this will be too.

I have to ensure that existence becomes significantly more awesome because of this.

If the first two are achieved, all that is left is logistics. They must not be ‘more mouths to feed’, a source of more pollution, or takers of more space. Which means that the problems of healthy and abundant nourishment must be solved (sky farms, soylent, etc.), the problems of pollution must be solved (green energy, mining asteroids, hemp, etc.), and the problems of running out of space must be solved (colonization of other planets & building of spaceships to create more desired space). Therefore, having these kids will simply improve the ratio of awesome people to not awesome people, and be a net win.

I believe that my genetics are good ones (an assumption I will test to confirm), and therefore likely to create awesome offspring.

So, I believe that I will one day have kids.


Well, for all these things to be achieved, and looking at who I plan to be at the age of 100, I expect that I may be many hundreds or even a few thousand years old by the time I choose to have kids.

This is, obviously, assuming that I find a way to live this long with a healthy body. Which I expect requires no small amount of biohacking, as well as the ability to, should I experience a physical death, download myself, clone my body or create a compatible new one, and re-upload myself into it.

Right, good to see that that’s figured out.

Last week, I went through an intensive Entrepreneurial Apprenticeship.

I worked daily with Michael, in a focused 7 day experiment where he taught me stuff like planning (OKR, SMART, 80/20), productivity challenges (doing a day’s work in 3.5 hours), the power of the question ‘Why?’, how to listen, how to choose and control your emotions, and a ton of other lessons.

Also, what to do when your rituals get removed and you’re feeling unbalanced. Who should you seek to emulate, and how much. The power of true friends, and their ability to make you solve your problems.

For the next few weeks, I’ll be fleshing out what I learned and passing it onto you. As a way to think it over and solidify it in my mind, and a way to help you do the same.
Here’s a few of what we’ll cover:

  • Planning Goals: how and how often
  • The Challenge: How raising the steaks can raise your game
  • Focus Challenges: how to condense a productive day into 3.5 hours
  • Rest: Why it’s important & how to do it
  • The Experimental Mentality: The Socratic Method approach to reality
  • Following Through: Why following through is almost always the right thing to do, and when is it not
  • Why?: The single most powerful question you can ask
  • Emotional Control: How to choose what you want to feel, why it’s so simple, and when to choose which emotions
  • Mentors: How to choose & mentor, and how much to emulate them
  • Listening: You cannot learn if you do not listen
  • Quadrant 2: If it’s urgent, you’re already too late
  • Losing Balance: How to change quickly
  • Begin with the End in Mind: Know where you’re going and how this gets you there

This may well become an ongoing series, and I’ll keep it updated.

Right, let’s learn to create shit.

Note: YES!!! It worked. It’s been 6 months, and I’ve gone from making $0 to making $1500/month. 

Well done, me. Well done.


If the focus experiment does not work
– aka, I am not by Today making at the least $400/month from copywriting


If that happens, then putting focus over enjoyment does not work.

In that case, do what you must right now, to prepare yourself for long term travel.

Work for a few months on whatever you can: buy a new laptop and high quality gear,

Then, go out and just travel around and enjoy yourself.

Just backpack and do awesome shit until you make something worth paying for.


Don’t get stuck trying just one thing. Learn how to try many things quickly, & do well at them.
And NEVER give up on your ultimate dream, the freedom & enjoyment of life that makes it perfect.

– Eddy of January 24th, 2012


P.S. This is not a choice. This has been decided by the you of the past. Do not debate it, trust in your past revelation to keep trying for enjoyment. Remember reality anchors.

This reality anchor has passed its equal investment/return point. Choose another.

The next one to choose: travel now, learn how to learn, live on passion.

Resources To Use:


Learning How to Learn

1) Tim Ferriss’ First Chapters On Learning How To Learn in T4HC

2) This post on memorization