Eddy Azar Entreprenomad
Shot by the awesome Lorenzo Pierucci

What major lesson(s) did I learn this week?

  • Being able to quickly pause, take stock of your emotions, and guide them to where you want them, is hugely valuable. It changes your enjoyment of life, your ability to listen to criticism and grow, a ton of stuff.
  • The ability to try and learn and understand people is also huge. It allows you to understand what they are trying to tell and show you (even subconsciously), know how valuable they are, and help them as easily and often as possible.
  • Being able to emotionally let go of the outcome of almost all things is huge. Will I remember to do X? If it’s important, I will either remember it or record it. Will Lorenzo give us the raw files of our photoshoot? It doesn’t really matter. What if the food rots? No biggie.
  • When you feel nervous, that’s good. That mean’s you’re in the right place and doing something new.
  • Idolization is almost never a good thing. It simply pushes people away and blinds me to their humanity and how to sympathize with them. I can’t sympathize with someone who I intentionally put 1000m above me.
  • Good coffee is good. Thank you Reddit for teaching me how to drink espresso.
  • Face to face is SO MUCH MORE POWERFUL than skype. It’s HUGE. Do it a lot more often.
  • Not masturbating often improves productivity, romance, everything. Now I can only masturbate on Sunday evenings and on Mondays. Makes life more enjoyable.
  • Presentation to the client is AS IMPORTANT as presentation to the customer. Do the extra work to show the client as close to the final product as you can. Because then they see what you see. And so they see what you’ll create, and can help you to create it. “Make sure the message delivered to the client is as good as the message delivered to the audience.”
  • I haven’t chosen a new path to walk. Am I going to be a freelancer while I build businesses? Am I going to seek another apprenticeship? If so, what kind and under who?

  1. When you lose the muscle of 100% focus, everything else falls apart.
  2. Going with the flow has becoem really easy. If you have mastered 3 things, you’re golden.
    1. Know that you are awesome, even if your performance in the recent history has been less then excellent. If you are generally awesome at enjoying and exploring life, be aware of it and confident due to it.
    2. Listen to the moment. Know what you want to happen, and dance with what is currently happening to see if you can gently and enjoyably guide events closer to your idea. Enjoy every step.
    3. Realize that there are almost always no negative consequences to any action.
  3. Listening is at least equally enjoyable as talking. Usually more enjoyable and more beneficial