Shot by the awesome Lorenzo Pierucci


I’ve been reading Tim Ferriss’ The Four Hour Chef, the Meta-Learning Chapter (I will soon be sharing with you all the first iteration of my Mindset & Skill Acquisition Method, based largely off his Meta-Learning chapter).

Part of Tim’s foundation to learning anything (DiSSS) is Stakes. Real, hard, stakes that make you more resistant to failure than you are to hustle.

So, for the month of February (and the remaining week of January) I will put this to the test.

I expect that this will result in me being very tired some days when I force myself against everything I want to complete my mission, it will give me absolutely 0 days with an Ideal Score of ‘1’. And I think that, after a few times of sleep deprivation, I will hate it so much that I will get my mission done at all costs.

The Plan:

Every day, I will have a key goal. One single task that I must complete. It won’t be too hard, nor to easy. Probably something that will take 2-3 hours.

The stakes: my sleep. I am not allowed to sleep until that key task is checked off.

Every single day, even days of rest (though they will be much more relaxed on these days), will have a key goal. And at the end of every day, once I have completed this goal, I will record my success on this post.

Which means that, by the end of February, I will have 33 completed daily goals.


1/27 – Review & Plan Week –  Complete

1/28 – Write BlueStartups application & make video – Complete

1/29 – Learn how to do a Kickstarter – Complete

1/30 – Make TMBA DC Video Content Manager video – Complete

1/31 – Polish & submit TMBA & BlueStartups applications – Complete

2/1 – Clean Shi Te’s house up – Complete

2/2 – Make lead gen video for Lily and send it to her – Complete

2/3 – Review & plan month & week – failed

2/4 – Take 4HB notes – Complete

2/5 – Begin to plan month – failed

2/6 – chill and read and get to Bali – Complete

2/7 – chill and read and get to Bali – Complete

2/8 – Get Bali SIM card and scooter – Complete

2/9 – Plan month & week – Complete

2/10 – Write BookKritters Launch Emails – Failed

2/11 – Write BookKritters Launch Emails – Failed

2/12 – Write BookKritters Launch Emails – Failed

2/13 – Write BookKritters Launch Emails – Complete

2/14 – Revise BookKritters Launch Emails – Complete

2/15 – Deconstruct Surfing & Go Surfing – Complete

2/16 – Write magazine article for SurfsUp – Complete

2/17 – Send Surfs Up Article, plan week, ask Safta for money – Complete

2/18 – Write all BookKritters launch text – Complete

2/19 – unmarked – Failed

2/20 – unmarked – Failed

2/21 – unmarked – Failed

2/22 – unmarked – Failed

2/23 – Edit Lorenzo’s site copy – Complete

2/24 – Edit BK terms of use – Failed

2/25 – Edit BK terms of use – Complete

2/26 – Research & Plan Kickstarter for Event Photography Book – Failed

2/27 – Begin launching BK & DiSSS surfing – Failed

2/28 – DiSSS surfing – Failed

2/29 – unmarked – Failed

2/30 – unmarked – Failed

2/31 – unmarked – Failed

3/01 – unmarked – Failed

3/02 – unmarked – Failed

3/03 – Clean inboxes & plan week –



Note on February 03:

I’m loving this. Yesterday, I HAD to make that Lily video. I put off till last minute, and it had by now grown to a huge task in my mind. Took like 30 minutes, and then I found myself seeking other things to create just because I was on a roll…didn’t even think about it, just wanted to do more, and I did.

Today, I have to review my month and week. And, even though it’s already 1800 and I’ve just started, I know that it be completed. That feels really good.

….wow, I simply ran out of steam here. Not long after writing the above, I just…emptied out. I’m feeling quite low on fuel and fire, so the next couple days are going to be relaxed.

Final Results:

It works…when I do it. At times, I will ignore or forget to set the daily MIT. When I do remember, however, I almost always get it done, even to the point of staying up till 3am to complete it.

It feels AMAZING knowing that I will definitely achieve my mission for the day. That I will not allow anything else but that to happen. It feels good to have that trust in myself.

As before, when I did this with the self-trust experiment, I will continue this habit. Each day will have it’s MIT, and that MIT will be achieved no matter what.

  • People value time and effort. Much more than money. To be a good leader and friend, one must gives time and effort
  • Tim Ferriss’ advice on setting real stakes, WORKS. My stakes, from now on: I don’t get to go to sleep until the day’s star task is complete.
  • I think, maybe, I may have found another true friend. Someone I’ll know well 10 years from now.
  • I failed Stepan, but first not jumping in when it was obvious something was going wrong, and second by not holding up his name when Lorenzo was questioning it. Always help friends in need, always know what’s going on with my projects, and always uphold a friend’s name when you believe it is being wrongly tarnished. Sorry Stepan.
  • Being straight up honest, not putting up with bullshit, and being real is powerful. People notice it, are shocked out of their habits by it, and are thankful for it. It will attract cool people.
  • Being real seems to be both the easiest and the most enjoyable (for everyone, I think) thing to do.
  • Know what actually matters. Be aware of what is worth caring about, and what is simply not a big deal (despite what other’s may say/think).
  • On that note, know who actually matters. What some people think does matter. Pick these people carefully.
  • There is very very little chance of getting a negative result from approaching any cute girl anywhere.
    Even, as I just did, running up to her, in an intercepting from-behind way, waiting for her to catch up to me, in the middle of the night, when we’re alone on the street, in Asia, after not saying anything to her even though I’ve been looking at her (and she’s noticed) for like 8 minutes since we got off the subway…AND she doesn’t speak any English.
    Yet I manage to communicate, after multiple attempts, that I think she’s cute. I get her to laugh. She gives me her facebook info (even taking back my notebook to add in her chinese name in case I couldn’t find her by her English name alone). And we hugged. Very small risk. Potentially huge reward. Take that risk.
  • I (everyone, actually) look significantly, shockingly, sexier when confident formidable. If you are formidable, and you have the advantage of being attractive, you have a HUGE bonus in your life if you’ve got the hustle to leverage it.
  • Pushing yourself and achieving a goal feels great.
  • Never give up on a goal when the reward & it’s ratio outweights the risk and it’s ratio. For example, I was sure that I was going to miss the subway on monday. There was a 90% chance that if I ran to the subway, I would miss it, wind up paying 15NTD for entrance to the metro, and then have to walk or buy a taxi to get home. But, if I didn’t sprint, that was 100%. So I pushed for the 10%..and I won.
    So: Take the risks, and you’ll get the payoffs. If you fail, find an alternate method and try again.
  • There is magic. For example, Snap Judgement…that is a story that is literally woven or painted before your eyes…via audio. That is what the ancient shamans used to to. And it feels magical when someone is casting that upon you.
  • Weed is my medicine. It reminds me of who the ideal me is, and it centers me.
  • I really am a traveller, in all aspects of the word. I’m always ready to let go.
  • I am heavily reliant on access to wifi. It’s a rocket pack…and without it, I feel slow. Slowww.
  • Sometimes the fire runs low on fuel. That said, the fire is best fueled by enjoyment, not stagnation. By reading, learning, exploring…by doing something equally as engaging but using different parts of myself than what I normally. To sum that up, rest does not mean stagnation. Rest means resting those parts of myself that are exausted, and pursuing another of my five life pillars
  • Waking up early really is more enjoyable than not. A sacred schedule is a powerful thing
  • When you start the day disorganized, you now have inertia you must break through in order to have an excellent day

Note: I’m not proud of being a model. I’m excited I’m a model. It’s an awesome adventure. But I’m not proud, because I didn’t really do anything that most people can’t do. I just got lucky because of good genes. I’m not unproud of it…I just know that I didn’t do anything extraordinary.

The Hypothesis/Reason: 

I want to be able to eat food like a starving primate, and like an aristocrat. To be accepted into tear-it-with-your-teeth barbarian mead halls and wait-3-years-to-get-a-reservation restaurants.

And I always want to have control over what is mine and the environment I’m calling home. When things are clean and aesthetic and not always at risk of getting lost, I enjoy life more.

The Plan:

Stepan is my coach. I am Stepan’s coach.

Our job is to call out when we are not being posh. At the end of every day, I will record my scores in the following criteria and end with a grade. I’ll track this grade daily.

We will keep doing this, at the minimum, until one of us leaves Taipei.


  • Eat with control
  • Keep environment clean & all things in their given locations
  • Always keep surroundings asthetic
  • Shave once every 2 days
  • Shower daily
  • Nails are always short
  • Hair always looking good
  • Always carry breath freshener
  • Bed always made.
  • Dishes always clean
  • Computer always clean
  • Write aesthetically
  • Always single-tasking (BONUS)
  • Speak slowly & on purpose (BONUS)


Well…I don’t like being posh. This is one of the areas in life where, for me, the flame isn’t worth the candle.

That said, there are a few serious advantages I found in the posh experiment which I intend to make second nature to me.

First & foremost among them is the mise en place; the practice of having a place for everything, and having everything in it’s place. As a minimalist, this is not so hard to do, and the benefits are huge. I always know where everything that belongs to me is, and it’s always in the ideal place.

This allows me not only to save all the energy I would otherwise expend on deciding and remembering where my stuff is. It’s also calming to know where all your stuff is.

Another advantage is the calmness and enjoyment of having asthetic surroundings. However, there are two caveats to this. One, I actually enjoy an environment that is a bit chaotic. Not total disorder, but instead the mark that a being does live here. It’s nice. Second, this is another area where the flame isn’t worth the candle, so long as it’s me that is doing the ordering. When I can have a maid/robot keeping my floors clean and my garbage gone, I’ll love it. If I have to do it myself, I’m pretty okay with dirty floors.

I’ve always got a breath freshener on hand now too. It’s simply nice to know that you definitely don’t have bad breath.

I also seek to write aesthetically when I’m not in a rush. It, too, is enjoyable.

And, another big one, having a clean computer at the end of the day is a perfect aid to a zen morning. Close all the windows, and have a clean slate. It’s beautiful.

My daily score, out of 14
My daily score, out of 14


Photo is a ‘posh’ amuse bouch I made the same night me & Stepan started this experiment.

2nd photo shoot with Moshi

Woah…that’s a lot of good stuff.

  • Wandering, in no rush and enjoying the steps, is great fun and philosophically pleasing. I think I understand, a bit, why Steve Jobs took so many walks.
  • High quality things are great catalysts to creating high quality experiences. I mean quality in the sense that the maker really cared about and enjoyed his creation, and the purchaser really cared about and enjoyed his creation too.
  • Obsession is a good thing. In fact, if you want to become truly amazing at something, obsession is a necessity.
  • I am obsessed with great writing.
  • Girls like being playfully sexual and teasing. They like flirting. They like kissing and sex and being craved. Fucking duh, right?
  • On that note, I LOVE girls. And flirting. And just being slightly odd and qwerky and story-worthy.
  • Doing the above in person is significantly scarier, more thrilling, more enjoyable, and more rewarding than doing it online. Online is fun, but only a good idea if you can do it in real life too. Otherwise you’re just afraid.
  • A great way to raise confidence is to simply go do something scary. Climbing. Chatting up cute café girl. Etc.
  • I LOVE working with people who respect my skills and consult me when they think about editing my work. I will seek these people out (like Lorenzo), build as much awesome stuff as I can together with them, and start removing from my life those that fuck with my work without consulting me.
  • If you know, and stick to, your priorities, you will get the most enjoyment and success out of each day. Each hour. So long as you are working on the most impactful, important, and enjoyable thing you could be working on right now.
  • When feeling mentally lost, stagnant, procrastinat-y, overwhelmed: do a pomodaro. Just on 50 minute session focusing on one important thing.
  • My fathers death is a lot like the scar on my knee. It hurt a lot when it happened, I learned a ton, and it changed me (the knee not so much, but my dad yeah). At the same time, it’s no longer a wound. There is no pain. The mark is there, and I notice it…but it’s not a negative. I’ve known this for quite a while, but never put it into words before.
  • Meeting someone who has something in common with you, who understands something you went through that almost no one else understands, is an amazing experience.
  • Listening, really listening, without thinking of what you’re going to say next or having your mind drift, is often as or more rewarding than talking.
  • When you have a big looming deadline with consequences, you move a LOT faster. I mean A LOT FUCKING FASTER. I need to start giving myself rewards, punishments, and tight deadlines.
  • There is a differene between a well made coffee type and well brewed coffee beans. When you brew the right beans the right way, you probably want to drink that coffee black, since that’ll let you taste the beans.
  • I really enjoy editing writing for style. It’s easy and fun.
  • Even when it’s solo, adventuring is fun. Solo has it’s own self-absorbing magic.
  • The amount of confidence you get from knowing that people pay you because you look sexy is a lot.
  • I love being geared up with the best minimalistic gear that solves or pre-solves every problem. Like having a laptop that can charge my phone on the go…excellent. A bag and shell that are 100% rain proof…booyeah. A sarong that serves as sleep mask, blanket, and scarf…nice. Cloths that are anti-stink, look sexy as all hell, manage cold and hot wondefully, are quick-drying & wet resistant, and are durable…yes!
  • I like awesome people. I fucking love them. Hanging with guys like Lorenzo while we create awesome shit, Chris while we drink good micro-beers and trade stories, Tiffany while we just enjoy eachother’s awesomeness and closeness…this is just my favorite fucking thing to do.
  • As usual, awesome people associate with awesome people. We’re rare, yet we group together in packs.
  • I’m sexy. Like, physically so xD
  • Formidable. That’s a powerful concept. According to Paul Graham, “Formidable is close to confident, except that someone could be confident and mistaken. Formidable is roughly justifiably confident.”.
  • I like to be formidable. To be the guy who, in between model shooting and camera work, is typing away at his laptop to publish a new review and product on his store. Who is reading on the bus and listening to philosophy while walking. Who is always fully engaged in something enjoyable.
  • People who are really rich and got that way via mutual benefit…these people are exceptional. Yet they’re exceptional in the same way I, Tiff, Ze’ev, Tomer are exceptional. Their riches came from their being awesome people, not vice versa. And they, like all awesome people, want to hang out with awesome people. Regardless of financial status.
  • Cool kids, kids raised in an exceptional way, are…just amazing. They’re wise, and you can talk to them and learn a lot. They’re…equals. They know less stuff overall, due to timing, yet have the same fire and wonder as all legendary people. And that is the most important and enjoyable part, regardless of age and knowledge.
  • Coffee, drunk late at night, will keep you awake till 530.


Photo is my (second ever) modeling gig with Moshi. Who, by the way, make a sweet iPhone case that they’ll be launching in a few weeks.

P.S. According to my Quantified Days tracking, this has been the best week I’ve ever had in the 32 weeks since I began tracking. A score of 25.5/35 (highest I’ve ever scored, though I’ve scored this high a few times before), and an 77.72% OKR achievement (right in the ideal range between 70%-80%). This feels good.

Almost Ideal!

I'm a model!
Despite my philosophy and best intentions, I seem to have become unselfish.

I give. Not just to those who I wish to gain from…but to a lot of people.

I do expect to gain from all I give to. Or I see it as a angle investor sees their investments: that I will have a net gain from all this giving, due to a few grand returns amongst a lot of smaller losses.

The thing is…the thing that I didn’t expect or really want to happen at all is…I enjoy the giving. I enjoy knowing that I have made someone’s life a little better. That I have increased the measure of positive in the universe.

I make unnecessary effort to make stranger’s lives a little better. To throw up a peace sign and a grin. Why?

I don’t know. For small things like this, I don’t really expect a return. Sure, there’s the psychological value of one more person thinking I’m a cool guy. A fuel to my self image. Yet as far as an actual measurable benefit to my goals, I don’t really expect or see one. And I can’t think of any specific instance in which I have seen one.

Is the enjoyment of the action enough of a reason to continue the action? Yes. Of course, for enjoyment is what I value most. But it’s still confusing…I still have no answer to the why. Why do I enjoy giving without expectation to receive?

I’m far from charitable. I don’t give to the homeless, the starving children, the whales that need saving. I don’t give to those who I don’t expect will use what I have given to make a significant impact on existence in some way.

Many of those who I do give to though, people like Chris from whom I gain a fascinating and beautiful story and lens to viewing the world, the attractive guy who gave me a cigarette, the bus drivers and baristas…I did not expect to gain from these interactions when I was in the act of giving.

I suppose, subconsciously, I give in the expectation of a net gain. A net win, both directly (though people giving to me) and indirectly (through people simply enjoying life more and being more formidable humans, which improves existence as a whole).

And, a little bit, because I want to put some of the giving back in this ‘universal piggy bank’ that has supported me through much of my life.

As Doug Bayne wrote, “I am a generous lover, but for selfish reasons”. I think I give because, at least in part, I gain from the act and often from the results.

Am I right? Have I escaped the poisons (and, perhaps, insidious) philosophy of altruism? Or am I deluding myself?

I think yes. I think that I give selfishly. Which, if I’m right, means that I truly do give.


Photo is from my first ever modeling gig a few days ago.

Submitted to be on the KEO time capsule. Not sure if it’ll ever launch. But if it does, here’s my message to humanity in 50,000 years.


I See

What does one say to those that will never respond? That, perhaps, do not exist?

How can a young person, so near to the birth of the internet, and so the birth of the potential for man to record almost every moment, tell you something you do no already know about the world I live in or the philosophy I have learned?

Perhaps you know the history…so then the best thing I can give you is the deepest of my philosophy.

Well, here it is: So far as we know, life has no inherent meaning. There is no purpose, no goal, no right & wrong, no reward or punishment.

The truth is…we do not and, so far, cannot know if there is something or nothing after life. Or if life has a purpose.

Knowing this, that life is inherently purposeless (or at least that this assumption cannot be disproved), what do we do.

Well, I say that we create our own purpose. We look to books and mentors and blogs and teachings and fashion for ourselves an ideal utopia in our minds. The existence we, each individually, would like to inhabit.

Then…then we we live by the tenets of that assistance and seek to bring reality closer to it.


Personally, I chose enjoyment. That is my ideal; enjoyment is the most important thing that exists.

What is enjoyment exactly. Well, as I define it, enjoyment is being 100% in this moment, and knowing that the next will be excellent. Enjoyment is always having enough and always wanting more. Enjoyment is going to bed at the end of the day exhausted and proud and with new memories, looking forward to the dawn and another story to live.

Enjoyment is that feeling of knowing that what you are doing right now is what you will most enjoy in the moment and in 100 years. It is living by the desires of your projected future self, and the best of your present self, right now.

Enjoyment is taking pleasure in this life, assuming that, when it is gone, all is gone. The color orange, nervous butterflies, annoyance at an asshole, the feeling of a deep kiss, bodies crushing up against each other as if to absorb the other.

We only have everything for a while. Then, we might have nothing.

So enjoy everything.

At least, that’s my ideal.

Eddy Azar Working

  • Straight up and clear honesty of what I’m thinking is the best way for me to communicate. I don’t enjoy trying to be tactful, and I’m not successful at it anyways. So the best for me is to simply say what I am thinking.
  • Don’t work at home. Period.
  • “Everything’s about company. A gourmet meal, with an asshole, is a horrible meal. A hotdog, with an interesting person, is an amazing meal.” Chris Rock
  • Having a bunch of boring work on your plate kills motivation. Delegate it.
  • Not having some savings and basic finances secured is also very stressful. Even when you have a security net of parents and mentors, it’s super stressful.
  • Being able to quickly pause, take stock of your emotions, and guide them to where you want them, is hugely valuable. It changes your enjoyment of life, your ability to listen to criticism and grow, a ton of stuff.
  • Idolizaton is almost never a good thing. It simply pushes people away and blinds me to their humanity and how to sympathize with them. I can’t sympathize with someone who I intentially put 1000m above me.