Original Experiment Document Here: NoFap Experiment II – 90 Days, Eddy & Kush


There have been very few moments where I was extremely horny & couldn’t either wait a bit or just get down with it since I came back to Singapore.

Asha (and, for one excellent date night, Ayesha) have been taking good care of me.

BUT, Asha’s got a boy over for 6 days. A guy she met in Japan on Tinder while she was there visiting Josh.

(quick note here, if you’re confused by the names & relationships here. Asha is my wife. Josh is her boyfriend. Ayesha is my girlfriend.)

And it took me all of 5 hours since she left before I found myself dreamily thinking of fucking.

It’s amazingly sudden, the way it hits. One moment you’re working or watching a video or whatever. Then you remember the night before, or you see a pair of cuties on the bus… and bam, you’re uncomfortably horny.

It didn’t use to happen like this. Not this bad at least. I think the fact that I know that sex is my only way to get release amplifies it.

Hell, I’m even going on dates with girls I probably wouldn’t give the time of day to under different circumstances. For example, I’ve got a date tomorrow night with a conversational starfish (you know when you bring a girl home and she just kinda lays there in bed instead of really participating in the sex? I don’t, of course, because I’m so damn good in bed that every girl just can’t stop themselves from pushing back… but that’s called starfishing. So this girl does that via the conversation. She just kinda…. keep it boring. No matter how playful or deep I try to get).

All in all, it’s not that bad. Much easier than I expected it to be.

Kush, who’s my partner in this 90 day NoFap experiment, has been going strong. His girl is taking care of him, though they can’t see each other as often as they’d like. He almost slipped a couple days ago, but held back. Good job, man.

He’s considering a life of NoFap.

I, personally, wouldn’t take it that far. I don’t know whether I miss masturbating or not. I can really enjoy a good session with some quality porn and time on my hands. But it’s also quite time consuming and can become addictive really damn fast.

I’m kinda considering doing NoFap the same way I do fasting. You know, taking a week or three off a few times a year, and not letting myself binge and just watch porn and cum for a whole wasted day.

Oh, one last thing: I am way the fuck more clever. Like, I’m better at flirting, I’m making funnier jokes.

I don’t know if this is because I’ve been studying my text game under Sensei Asha, or because I’ve just in a good flow the last couple days, or because or NoFap, or a combination of these. But it’s a thing.

I wonder if it’ll persist as I NoFap. If it might drop off when I have access to my hand again.

I suppose we’ll have to wait and see.

Original Experiment Document Here: NoFap Experiment II – 90 Days, Eddy & Kush


Strangely enough, my libido hasn’t been active. It hasn’t been gone at all, but it seems kinda… dormant.

Perhaps it’s because I haven’t had any real opportunities (been around girls I’m legitimately not interested in, no 3G for online dating, and have been slated to leave in a few days).

Nothing really to report, except that things are quiet.


Original Experiment Document Here: NoFap Experiment II – 90 Days, Eddy & Kush


Best day I’ve had in weeks. Coincidence? Too many variables to know.

Need to…

  • Come up with things to try when feeling very horny, and test those out.
    • Tinder
    • Approaching girls
    • Pitching clients
    • Learning about stuff like Blockchain and Ethereum
    • Meditation
    • Javascript
    • Exercise
    • Ideal-self-actualization philosophy (reading & taking notes)
    • Podcasts

Dick felt extremely sensitive last night and in the morning.

I sexted with Asha & Ayesha. Couldn’t even caress dick during. Got extremely horny.

After sexting, however, the extreme horniness abated rather quickly. Though never was I completely not horny. I’ve been horny most of the day.

Even showering or lying in bed felt pleasurable. Often uncomfortably so.

Noticed: I seem to be more patient about conversations or sticking to work, because escape to masturbating isn’t an option.

Theory: Abstinence isn’t the ideal solution to porn and masturbation. After this, I should masturbate. But, like I eat a delicious desert; gourmet, take time, not too often.

I’m MUCH more flirtatious and also… aware of how to flirt. I’m a much better flirter. Better than I can remember being in a very long time.

So, today my old friend Kush made me a challenge.

Don’t masturbate for 90 days.

He says it’ll make you feel better, make you more attractive, make you work harder….

I’ve got my doubts.

But, even though he couldn’t convince me that he was right…. I wasn’t convinced that he was wrong either.

Obviously, science needs to get brought into this.

I told him I’d do it.

And he told me he’d join me. We’d do it together, a sacred (& financial) bond keeping us on track and dedicated to see this through for science (though hopes of pussy and confidence aren’t without their presence).

Today is September 1, 2016. We began this experiment at approximately 01:30.

Experiment Rules:

  • No looking at attractive girls’ pictures/vids/audios/etc/ for the purpose of pleasure if we do not know the girl.
    • Pictures & vids & audios of lovers, girls we’re dating or wooing, etc. are okay (so long as you’re not just going through your whole archive of them. That’s pretty much porn).
    • Looking at attractive girls themselves is allowed. Hell, probably encouraged.
  • No masturbation whatsoever.
  • If either participant fails, they owe the other $50. If both fail, they literally have to drop $50 on the street and refuse to take it back.


Kaushik (Kush) Satish

  • 21 year old cis man
  • Has girlfriend w/ active sex life
  • High sex drive
  • Has done NoFap before for 60 days

Eddy Azar

  • 22 year old cis man
  • Currently in Canada, dating but unsuccessful
  • Flying to Singapore on Sep 7, 2016
  • Has wife (Asha) with amazing intensity but unknown frequency sex life in Singapore
  • Has girlfriend (Ayesha) with high intensity but infrequent sex life in Singapore
  • Has done NoCum before (fapping allowed). Aimed for 30 days, lasted 27



  • Increased energy
  • Increased strength
  • Increased sex drive
  • Increased social skills
  • Maybe increased productivity
  • Better sex
  • More attractive to people. Being looked at more. Girls more receptive.
  • Look better to yourself
  • Cum faster
  • Hornier


  • Horniness possibly uber persistent to point of distraction.
  • Sex drive will skyrocket. Will be more driven to have sex in every medium.
  • Especially with girls I already have a relationship with
  • I will begin to have wet dreams (which may be doubly strange as I’m on the road and spending a lot of nights in my hammock or friend’s couches/guest-rooms).


To Do:

  • Unfollow all attractive girls I follow on Instagram
  • Save the really good ones to catch up on when I’m back
  • Sign an agreement to the $50 stakes with Kush (use Hello Sign)
  • Map out & publish Scientific Process document (this)

Daily Report:

Every day, write down report of how day goes. Mini-experiments, experiences, etc.

I will tweet thoughts during the day, and update this document when needed.

[Post experiment note: didn’t keep up daily review. Mostly because there wasn’t much worth noting most of the time]

Let it Begin :)


After 95 days of NoFap, here’s my results