Original Experiment Document Here: NoFap Experiment II – 90 Days, Eddy & Kush


I’ve come to the hypothesis that, if one has frequent and easy access to sex, there are no noticeable benefits to NoFap.

For 33 days I haven’t looked at porn or masturbaited. The few times where I don’t have access to sex for a few days (for example, when Asha was out on a multi-day date & I wasn’t dating Ayesha because I wanted to work) the only thing I’ve noticed is that I’m extremely horny. Definitely more horny than normal. If anything, the only effect of this is that it distracts me from work and makes me antsy.

When I do stumble across an attractive girl in a movie or online or in reality, I feel horny and attracted just as I did before I started NoFap. No difference.

I’ve gone through a multi-week period where my libido was almost at absolute 0. It’s possible that NoFap attributed to that happening, though it seems like the opposite would be the case. But I think it’s more likely that that happened because I was in a very stressful and dull period of my life. Right now it’s back, but not in full force.

Likewise, my motivation to work has gone from a total crash where I can hardly do anything productive, to days on end where I’m able to just work and work and work. Which is consistent with what it was before NoFap.

I asked /r/NoFap about this here. Feedback:

  • I may have to wait 90 or even 120 days before I see the effects
  • I have saved some time from not looking at porn, which is true. Not worth it though, as I would usually have rather spent that time watching porn.