Adventure: Unplanned

Alright, with me stuck out of the US for the foreseeable future and without the cash (or inclination to chase it) to leave the country by any other means, I’m stuck in Canada.

That means my travel is stunted. Canada is damn HUGE, and it’s got a lot of empty roads between cities. If I were to backpack to BC, I’d have to spend quite a few nights sleeping outdoors.

Now, I’d love to rough it like that and I’ll definitely do it in the future, but right now it would wreak havoc with my productivity.


So here’s the adventure rough plan:

  • Vagabond and couchsurf around Ontario for a few weeks/1.5 months (Wasaga beach, Keswick, Newmarket, Toronto, King, w/e)
  • Maybe hit Montreal and Quebec after that
  • decide from there

It’s not as awesomesauce as I want it to be, but I need to find something that I’m totally in love with and wanna make money of for now.

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