Burn the ships.

When Julius Caesar was little more than a rebel against the Roman Republic, he faced near certain ruin against Pompey’s great international armies.

The night before the final battle, outnumbered more than 2 to 1, Caesar ordered his army: “Pull down your own ramparts and fill in the ditch, so that if we fail to win we shall have nothing. And the enemy shall see that we lack a camp, and that necessity compels us to make our quarters in theirs.”

The took the battle with no hope of retreat. The only two options were win or die.

They won.

What I’m demonstrating with this example, and would love to hear arguments against so I can flesh out my belief, is that backup plans and open doors and compromises are all antithetical to reaching great success.

Great success requires that you burn your ships and bridges. Destroy your camp. Leap off the cliff.

To reach a great goal, it must be the only option you have. There is nothing to settle for, no Plan B. Just one goal and an indomitable desire to make it reality.


What say you?

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