Call For a Growth Hacker’s Apprentice

Over the past decade, I have become a world-record-breaking growth hacker.

I have…

  • helped orchestrate two world-record-breaking ICOs: Golem, breaking the ICO world record with $8.6m USD in an hour, and Bancor, breaking the online crowdfund world record with $153m USD in 2.5 hours.
  • gotten projects I work for on Forbes, Yahoo News, Venture Beat, Tech Crunch, Lifehacker, The Daily Mail UK, Men’s Fitness Magazine… you get the idea.
  • developed & used guerilla growth hacking tactics to take my gear review blog from 0 to 14,040 visitors in 2 months, with 19-30% reading entire >2000 word posts and >$1000 in revenue. 
  • cultivated a 14.6% “hire rate” on clients who I cold pitch.
  • taught two apprentices, Asha Jacob who went on to (among many other things) work at The Ethereum Foundation, and Tomi Ogundayo who has been working with me for ~7 months and is currently Associate of Growth at Kommerce.

You can see evidence, examples, and other things I’ve done at

I am looking for my third apprentice. Someone I can take under my wing and teach in 1-2 years what took me a decade.

Vally is an incredibly hands-off mentor, which is either a godsend or a nightmare. He guides you and teaches you what you need, then sends you out to do it on your own & come back with the results. If you’re self motivated and love having creative control, Vally’s your guy.” – Asha Jacob

Vally’s no joke, with his guidance, I was able to nab my first client from my very first cold pitch. He offers a bevy of resources to learn and equal room to teach yourself. Working under him has given me both technique and confidence to approach potential clients on my own.” – Tomi Ogundayo

What is the structure of the apprenticeship?

You will be using my reputation, charging my rates.

I will be teaching you every step of growth hacking from finding clients to copywriting to funnel data analysis to strategy & guerrilla tactics. And along with my reputation & assurance of quality of work, your clients will have the option of taking me on as an advisor, pro bono.

This will be a full-time job, for years. I’m not looking to give someone a side-gig, I’m looking to help you set up a career. Were gonna be talking and teaching/learning for hours each week, and working a larger-than-usual workload with greater-than-usual hours. Some of it will be very boring, some of it will be very difficult. If you’re not very serious, please do not apply.

What’s in it for me?


In exchange for teaching, guiding, and lending my name & reputation to your client-seeking, you and I will split the revenue. As you become more skilled and independent over time, we’ll lower my time investment & raise your share. 

To give you an idea of what this could be worth, within 3 months, Tomi was making approx $3000 USD/month, after my share.

How to Apply

P.S. Know someone who this is an excellent opportunity for? If you refer them, you’ll get 10% of what we make in their first three paid months as a thank you for connecting us.

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