Choose Your Tribe!

This post is an extension on the post Patriotism and Religion: Why I Think It’s Stupid & How To Make It Smart. I ended that post with this thought:

And this is why I think loyalty to the first one you encountered is stupid:

The world has become so small and humans so smart that we can now choose our own leaders in each field, instead of following the same ones our parents follow.

Try all the new things you can, and learn about all the different things you can. Do not blindly follow one government, religion, belief, or institution of education, but instead explore them all and take the best parts of each for yourself.

You will then find/build those that match y0urself well. You will increase the enjoyment you find in life the more you grow your beliefs and choose your leaders.

If you always learn in all ways, you will become your own leader.

People say they want to change the world and better humanity. And I agree, in a way.

You must contribute to your society and change some lives to really achieve anything. But I think you must first choose which society you choose to call yours.

The people I see around me on the streets are, in my view, just people. The people who call the same country (or even planet) “home” as me do not hold any special value to me.

But the people within who I think/know lies the potential to enjoy life and make a change in the world: those are the people I want to fuel and be fueled by. They are my tribe; the society I choose to call my own.

Changing their lives and increasing their enjoyment is a huge measurement that I am living a life worth living.


P.S. Both of these posts were born of a discussion I’m still having with my new and very impressive friend Max Alexander Hanna. Without his input, I would never have come to these realizations or been able to share them with you.

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