December GOALZZ!!

Portable bed, with candle heating system and all xD

I can’t believe it’s only been a month since my last goal review. Everythings changed!

For starters, I came back from living on Res with Tomer and ended up leaving home spontaniously the next day to hit the world.

I lived with my grandma, at the Occupy Toronto tent city, and couchsurfed, and I’m now backpacking and couchsurfing towards San Francisco.


I’ve got a friend (Maneesh Sethi) who just broke into an huge abandoned warehouse in SF and is turning it into a party central/temporary home.

The guy’s awesome and crazy (kinda like me), has a few kickass muses going, is the brother of Ramit Sethi, and does pushups on exotic animals xD.

Yup, pushups on exotic animals ;P

Minimalist Backpacker Gear is almost up and running. I’m working on my dropshipping deals (I’ve got invisible shoes done and a bunch others in process) and I’m creating an exclusive affiliate program for famous flashpackers like Tynan. For all you readers who wanna check it out, go here and use the password: crewmu.


Alright, enough chit chat. Onto the GOALZ!:



  • Re-set my copywriting lead gen (after taking a few months off because I got really sick of it, I did some copywriting for Maneesh’s muse building course…I LOVED it! So I’m getting back into the game, but this time I’m only taking on projects that light me on fire.)
    • Consider learning SEO and Advertising (which I’m doing anyway) and adding it to my copywriting service
  • Listen to one business podcast a day (Tropical Talk Radio and The Lifestyle Business Podcast)
  • Apply to the new TMBA internship
  • Get Minimalist Backpacker Shop live and active (TOP PRIORITY)
    • Set up all necessary dropshipping agreements (1 week starting tomorrow)
    • Set up affilaite program w/ Tynan (1 week starting on the 7th)
    • Free advertising all over the Internet (I’m currently broke, so I’ll have to get creative with blogger friends, social networks, and making some noise)
  • Set up my ING account and start saving like a boss xD
  • Find out how the copy I wrote for Maneesh is converting and, if it’s doing awesome, see if I can help him out with other projects in exchange for him helping me make some noise for MBS and build some connections.


  • Install wine, 7zip, Calibre and windows 7 on my comp


  • Listen to 1 Pick Up Podcast per day
  • Be able to do handwriting analysis without a cheat sheet
    • Do handwriting analysis once a day (Can do 2 the next day if I miss that day)

Right. Time to get living!


– Eddy

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