December in Review

December was a pretty huge month for me. A lot of shit got done, I had a few tough failures, a few huge successes, and a ton of adventures.

Goal: Reset my Copywriting Lead Gen


Info: My copywriting lead gen had been dead for a few months since I fired MySecy for doing shoddy work. This resulted in my copywriting biz drying up and dying, which meant I was once again broke.

Then I did a weekend job for a friend/mentor Maneesh Sethi, and remembered how much I loved copywriting. Next, an old client (allmyapps) gave me a shout saying they wanted to take me on as their primary writer.

That was it, I needed to get back into the game. Copywriting is not my final goal, but it is a fun and lucrative gig to do while I build my muses.

So I’m back. I hired the Vethon Communications VA team at $3.31/hour (HIGHLY RECCOMENDED TEAM) to do my lead gen, and I’ve been getting a flood of qualified leads and a bunch of meetings set up. In fact, I’ve got a meeting in 3 hours.

Goal: Consider Learning SEO

Status: Postponed

Info: I went to Location Rebel and began the basics of learning SEO. It’s fascinating (if a bit dry to read) stuff, and I’m definitely learning it in February to move MBS to the top of google.

Goal: Listen to one Biz podcast a day.

Status: FAILED

Info: I listened to a ton of podcasts, but not enough for one a day. That said, they were PACKED with quality and I’m not stopping any time soon.

Goal: Get Minimalist Backpacker Shop live and active

Status: Semi-Achieved

Info: MBS is live, but it’s only got 5 live products :(. This is my fault for not contacting enough leads (which I’ve now devoted January to). By the end of January, I will have enough products to consider MBS a legit shop. Vague, I know, I’ll get into more detail in the next post.

Goal: Set up my ING


Info: Sent $100 to my ING account

Goal: Maneesh’s Copy

Status: Dropped

Info: Maneesh only used bits of the copy I wrote for him, so I couldn’t see how well my copy performed. That said, I still plan on helping him out on a few projects later on.

Goal: Install wine, 7zip, Calibre and windows 7 on my comp

Status: FAILED

Goal: Listen to one pick up podcast a day

Status: Achieved

Info: The quality packed into the Pick Up Podcast is unmeasureable. I’ve learned so much!

Goal: Handwriting Analysis

Status: Quit


In the final week of December, I re-vamped my goal method and wrote the 2012 Year Goals and My New Years Plan posts. Then I devoted the last week of December to getting a head start on my MBS dropshipper gen and becoming a master at apporaching girls. My side goals were Visualizations every day and getting into a polyphasic sleep shchedule

Goal: Contact MBS dropshipper leads


Info: Locked in the 40 Blinks deal

Goal: Master Approaching Women

Status: partially ACHIEVED

Info: I am completly comfortable in clubs and know how to rock the dancefloor and all the people on it. I can also approach any woman I see in any setting. I am not yet good at going from approach to any kind of close though.

Goal: Visualizations Every Day

Status: Postponed

Info: Amazingly useful, but couldn’t get into it. I’ll do it after I’m comfortable in a polyphasic sleep schedule.

Goal: Start my polyphasic sleep schedule

Status: FAILED

Info: I tried it for a few days, and got through I think two nights without a core sleep, but ended up crashing often due to not sleeping enough during the day and the general fatigue that comes with polyphasic sleep. Trying again this month.

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