Evolving in Our Faster-Than-Evolution World

The balance of evolution used to be in the favor of our surroundings. Our surroundings caused us to evolve more than we caused our surroundings to evolve.

Not anymore.

Now we’re changing our surroundings faster than they’ve ever changed before. We have surrounded ourselves with the fruits of our pursuit of perfection (planes, computers, bicycles, boats) …thereby surrounding ourselves with things that are ever closer to perfect. The majority of things around us are far more perfect than we are, because we put in as much perfect effort as we could into making them.

And we’re doing it so fast and so wonderfully….that now our world is more perfect than we are.

Death is not a problem….in fact, you can live to 80 years old, and immortality is now a serious topic of conversation. Chances to find love are practically infinite…there’s so many people you’ll meet that you are almost guaranteed, if you try, to find many that complement you shockingly well. The tribe you are born into can be fully discarded…and replaced consciously with high standards. You have access to almost everything every living human knows about everything!

Yet we fear eye contact on the subway because…what? We fear rejection by cute people because if they reject us….what?!. We get nervous when making a big business leap. We accept who we have become, by a default of being formed as a child, and do not use the ever expanding and incomprehensibly huge hoard of human knowledge and creativity and thoughts (which we can call upon and search in seconds through a magical thing called Google), to observe, customize, and consciously evolve ourselves.

WHY? Why do we accept the less-than-perfect because it’s easier?


Perhaps because humans have evolved our surroundings far faster than we have evolved ourselves. We are imperfect beings in a world that offers a joyous pursuit of perfection. The opportunities are there to grasp…but we are not programmed to grasp them.
So I say, let us evolve ourselves at the same speed at which we evolved computers and smartphones and new tanks and atom bombs and space rovers and aquaponic farming and Minall backpacks and Inka pens! Let us become equal to the perfection of the world we have created! Let us learn and master the methods of enjoying every moment of existence that we have somehow managed to be able to call our own! Let us deconstruct and rebuild our very life philosophies to serve us as we deconstruct and rebuild the world around us with the intent of improving it for all.

Let us evolve ourselves, consciously.

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