Focus Challenge: Day 1

Note to the reader: this is a documenting of my first successful day on the 30 Day Focus Challenge. It’s not a great read, more just a recounting of my day. Only read if you’re specifically interested in the focus challenge, otherwise this is a much better read.


I finally took the Focus Challenge seriously. I kinda played around with it for about a month, before realizing I was simply wasting my time.


So today I sat down, made a list of indications that I am unfocused or stagnating.

What are indications that my mind is scattered or that I am unfocused?

  • A desire to watch a movie or read or do something else useless. Based in my confusion about what to do next. I don’t know my next step (or don’t want to do it), so I feel the desire to just stagnate because it’s easier.
  • When my mind keeps pinging between different things. My brain space is being occupied by multiple things.
  • Tiredness early in the day when I shouldn’t be tired. It’s just my mind trying to avoid work and thinking.
  • I know I should be doing something, but lose myself in something else.

And then another list of things that cause me to stagnate or lose focus.

What things cause me to or lose my focus?

  • Not knowing my next step
  • Being unable to connect my current actions with the way they bring me closer to a goal.
  • Being at home, where I have a non-work environment.
  • Starting the day in bed or doing something non-productive, and having that attitude carry over into the rest of the day.

Finally, and most importantly, I made an automatic response to being unfocused, and anther for stagnating.

Automatic response to being unfocused:

  • Answer “Why am I doing this? How does this help me achieve a dream?”
  • Once that is answered, put on a timer and focus until that time is up. Even if you’re not making progress, give it one full session (50/10) to try.

Automatic response to desiring to stagnate:

  • Ask myself what I want to be doing. What I’ve planned to do.
  • If I don’t know, sit down and find out what’s the best action to take right now to achieve a milestone?
  • Go for a 30 minute walk to just clear your mind.
  • Relocate to a productive location
  • Focus for one full session (50/10) on your MIT


Then…I focused.

I worked in 50 minute chunks with 10 minute breaks, and a 30 minute rest every two sessions (ala Wake Up Productive by Eben Pagan).

When it was time to rest, I made sure I totally removed my work from mind and just relaxed. Read blogs, ate food, walked around, just relaxed.


There was a few times when I caught myself focusing on multiple things, and so I stopped, forgot about everything but the most important task, and refocused.


After about 6 hours of this, in which I set up my focus challenge, researched 8 articles for Chill Hookahs, wrote one, and tried (unsuccessfully) to set up concrete plans for my adventure and rest days so I don’t wind up stagnating…after all this, I was burnt out.

I sat down to start re-watching Earn1K to learn to sell myself, and caught myself listening but not absorbing anything. I realized this wasn’t a focus issue…my brain needed a rest.

So home for a meal, a bit of reading, and a nap.

Then back to the café to skype with Stepan (always a highlight of my week), and now to write this, find out if I made the short list in a competition for a free flight to meet up with some awesome entrepreneurs in Thailand, a session or two of Earn1K, and bed.



Overall, I feel like I got a good amount done and got a lot of rest as well. A good and fairly productive day. Great focus.

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