The 30 Day Focus Challenge

One of the Habits I want to internalise this year is the ability to focus completely on the moment and what I have devoted it to. To learn to relax, breathe, and focus when my mind begins to spin.
I want to be able to, whenever I am unfocused and lost in my mind, stop, fall in in love with the uniqueness of the moment, and enjoy it fully.
Goal: Be content in all situations and recognize the beauty in each moment. Put all time great use.
Achievement Marker: Go 20 days in a row in which, whenever I am distracted from my focus, I regain it immediately.
Dead marker: If I have not achieved the above by March 1st, I must quit and admit failure.

How I will focus:

When I have a specific task I am focusing on, I will use the 50/10 ritual to focus intently on it for 50 minutes, and have 10 minute breaks.

How I will measure my progress:

I will wear a bracelet on my wrist.

Whenever I catch myself doing something other than what I have devoted a set block of time to, I must immediately stop it and go back to what I was doing. If I fail to stop it immediately, I must switch the bracelet to my other hand.

To achieve the goal of always being focused on the moment and what I have devoted it to, I must go 20 days in a row without the bracelet switching hands.

I must achieve this by April 1st 2012, or else admit failure.


I will make an updateable blog post (this post that is) on The 30 Day Focus Challenge, and update it at every milestone (1 day, 1 week, 2 weeks, 20 days), and any failures.

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