Getting Fat To Stay Sexy

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Updates in blue. After thinking about this and batting the idea around with who’s opinions I love to hear, I’ve tweaked the mindset a bit more towards staying in shape because I’m constantly using my body, not working out to attract chicks. I’ve kept the old writing so you can see the evolution of this idea for yourself.

Quick note: Sadly, this technique will not work nearly so well for women as it will for men…if you prove me wrong, tell me! I will be wayyyy too happy and pretty impressed.


Why do you want to be sexy? Why do you want tight abs, arms, chest and ass?

The simple answer: Because you think it will get you laid.

The hilarious truth: many of the worlds most successful pickup artists are not sexy. Having a sexy body is awesome, but it alone wont get you women.

Despite knowing this for about 2 years now, I was (and still kinda am) part of this mass self delusion. “She doesn’t like me because I don’t make enough money and I’m not sexy enough. So now I’m gonna devote my time to looking good and making money so I can get laid xP


But not everyone is like us. There’s another guy who wants abs, arms, chest and ass. Yet knows they won’t improve his (already high) chances of getting laid. This is the same man who is confident and in control no matter the situation, no matter his body.

Guys like this (Tim Ferriss, Tynan (aka Herbal), Eben Pagan, my aunt Joy and uncle Lewi) have abs because “it’d be cool”, but they never really give a shit whether or not they get them. Either way, the fact that they are themselves is all they need to keep their confidence and joy sky high.

The only people who truly benefit from having a sexy body are the ones who don’t rely on it to be confident. Unlike everyone else, they don’t live in a constant fear of losing their shape. Instead they just enjoy it and, if something more exciting comes along, they are happy to sacrifice it and get it back later.


If you want to be this guy, who enjoys life, gets ladies (whether he looks like Brad Pitt or Quasi Motto) and enjoys his sexy body in a way few others ever can, feel free to follow in my footsteps (and let me know if you do. You will never find a more interested or helpful partner).


What I’m doing is simple: I’ve stopped thinking about what I put in my mouth. I’m not counting calories, I’m not watching my weight, I’m simply being awesome while getting out of shape and letting my physical shape reflect my lifestyle. I’ll be sexy because I’m constantly using my body to experience life.  

My confidence is completely detached from my appearance. When I can pick up girls and make amazing friends just as easily when fat as when thin, then I’ll work on getting a sexy body. 


I’ll work on building a sexy body not for women, but because “it’d be cool”.


– Eddy

P.S. I just realized that I’m naturally writing in AIDA now. xD

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