How To Always Have The Courage to Get What You Want

When was the last time you saw that gorgeous girl walk by and didn’t say a word to her. Or when you had a great idea for an adventure that could improve your life, but decided against it because it was “too risky” (aka scary)?

What if you could make it so you never had to endure that again? Never had to ask yourself “what if?” before going back to a life that’s not as awesome as you know it could be.

What if you could have the courage to get what you really wanted?

But what courage anyways? When we read that word, we know that it’s what separates the successful, love finding, money making, life changing people from the folk that just look up to them in wonder. We know that those who want it can’t seem to get it and those that have it can’t seem to teach it.

But what is it?

Well, I may have come up with the answer for you. I know it’s the answer for me. An answer that, if you really absorb it and implement it in your life, will result in you having courage.

It won’t be easy (few things worth doing are), but it will be simple and in reach.

Ready? Okay, to show you what courage is, I’ll give you a great example of a situation where you need it. (And remember, this is just an example situation. This approach works in every situation where you need courage.):

Back to that gorgeous girl you saw walk by. Remember her? Yeah, and did you want her? Will you be thinking of her after she’s gone? Would you enjoy having her deep in your life, and having all of her?

The answer is yes. HELL yes.

So you know that the answer is yes, you do want her. And you know that the only way to stop her from walking right on past your life, and instead make her a part of your life, is to go and do something to make that happen.

And you know that, if you keep trying to bring these girls into your life, and keep learning and testing to see what works to attract them and what doesn’t, you’ll inevitably get better at it. Every failure will teach you more about what to do and not do, and will won’t really take anything from you (you didn’t have her in the first place, so it’s not like you lost her).

A man who goes and talks with that stunning beauty that he noticed passing by, that man has courage. Balls. Chutspa. Entroverted energy.

But, really, he just knows what he wants and he know the best way of getting it. He knows that he wants her in his life, he wants her in his bed, and the only way to make that so is to talk to her and learn what he can do to make it happen.

In Sebastian Marhsall’s sense of the word, he is a strategist. He knows what he wants and he does what he can to get it.

That courage is just him remembering what he wants most. He can approach her because he knows that doing so will get him closer to what he wants, no matter the outcome.

It’s that simple.

Courage is    remembering what you want.

When you feel that fear, just remember what you want. You don’t want to watch as opportunity walks by, you want to seize that opportunity and make you life a bit more amazing.

You remember what you really want, and you’ll have the courage to make it happen.


Courage is    remembering what you want.

Write that down. Put it where you will see it often. On a sticky note on your screen. Written on your arm. As your wallpaper.

Remember that definition of courage, and you will always have it. It won’t be easy, you’ll still have to battle your fear, but when you remember that just trying, you’re getting closer to having it in your life, your fear will dissipate and you will be able to do it.


Courage is     remembering what you want.


If you love, hate, agree, disagree, or have anything to add to my philosophy here, let me know! I’d love to talk with you about it, and it encourages me to write more.

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