How To Have An Awesomely Productive Day


What if you could guarantee that your day would be productive? That you would not give into procrastination, that you would be confident no matter what obstacles you faced?

And, what if, instead of just a productive day, you could ensure a productive week? And then a succession of productive weeks, which become productive months, productive years and, finally, a productive life?


Actually there is one, quite simple, step you can take help make this a reality.

What is it you ask?

Start Without Pause


When you wake up, know exactly what to do next. Wake up, drink water, brush teeth, workout, fuel up, plan day.

Make your first few tasks useful and productive as you possibly can, and do them without hesitation.


This works because the way you begin your day sets the tone for how your day will be. The term “woke up on the wrong/right side of the bed” holds a lot of truth in it.

You’ve had those days that start off with you slamming on the snooze button, until you finally haul your groggy self out of the sheets and wander around getting ready to do whatever you have to do that day.

Those days turn out slow and unproductive.


It works the other way too though. When you wake up, refresh your body, exercise, eat good food, plan your day, and tackle your first task without getting distracted in between, you’re day becomes one where you make a good sized leap towards your goals.

And it doesn’t just work for days. Kickoff a week with a good day, and you’ll have  a good week. A productive week at the start of the month is a likely precursor to a productive month. A month of goal achieving at the beginning of the year marks a year of creating and realizing your dreams.


So, right now, plan your first few step to take out of bed tomorrow. I suggest a drink, a run, and a great meal.

Do that, and you’re day will be one of those worth remembering.


Photo is: practising my parkour rolls during a morning workout.

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