I want to love

I want sex for the sake of passion. Wild, laughing, relaxed, entertaining, fierce, and scarring and without any meaning outside of pleasure and excitement of the moment.


I want love that walls in the mind like a warm and blissful fog, and makes everything but love pointless. To fall in love so deeply that a glance, a grin, is enough to fill your world and not nearly enough to satisfy the need.


I want a moment of bewildered wonder as I watch her mind drift off, forgetting her body and letting it relax and reflect her every emotion. Every lie is gone, and the truth is heart stopping


I want to lose myself in her smell, her taste, her fierce passion and tender caress. I want to explore every part of her body with smell, touch, taste, and feel.


I want to feel my heart destroy itself as my love leaves. I want to weep at the pain of the past and explore the hole in my soul that has brought meaninglessness to my life.


I want to fall in passion and love again. With a stubborn flame in my heart for the loves of the past.


I want to love

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