Imaginary Lines

Go ahead. Draw your lines.


Life is so simple, so blank. We are born into a world where the only irrefutable guidelines are the laws of physics and a desire to survive. Things like gravity, the need for sustenance, and the desire to pro-create.

Besides these few rules, all we are given is a huge blank slate.


Now, we could just accept this and live by the few rules we know. This is what most animals do. We could just follow our base impulses and think little about the future.

But we’re not programmed to do that.

So we take out a non-permanent marker and start drawing lines. We set up all these rules to live by, and now we finally have our long awaited order.


But we don’t. Because we’re not the only ones drawing these lines; Everyone is. And their lines are gonna cross ours and butt heads.

So we go to help eachother, with the best intentions possible at heart. We say “Look at your lines, they are wrong. My lines are better, you should follow them.”. Forgetting, of course, that we made these lines up in the first place.


Some lines are very powerful, because everyone follows them and wants to help everyone else follow them. If you don’t follow them, you get brow beaten into doing so or removed from their way.

This is how man made laws are made. This is where we find police and schools and governments and courts and jails. They are all here to re-enforce those imaginary lines.

There’s nothing wrong with this, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with trying to change it, because it’s all been made in the pursuit of perfection. It will keep getting better, it will always be hugely flawed, and it will always work to get even better.

Because our lines are build upon our want, our picture of the perfect world. We impose them on others because we want to help them create a perfect world. It’s all good intentions.

But in the end, I think it’s good to remember that our perfect world is made up, and it’s not gonna jive with the perfect world that someone else made up. We must learn to let others follow their lines, create their own worlds, live their own lives. Just get out of each other way and bond with people who have created lines similar to ours.


But hey, that’s just my lines.

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