Lessons from Hypnosis

So, I was hypnotized. Past life regression hypnotized to be specific.

In keeping with my subscription of the religion of “I don’t know”, I’ve got no idea what happened here. Could be placebo. Could be imagination. Could be that I got in touch my soul, and it’s memory of past lives.

I don’t know.

What I do know is that the advice I got from my ideal self is excellent.

So, well, here it is:

Note: to see my past lives, check out the Word of Focus post here.

Why did Eddy see these particular past lives? The life as the tribe member, the life of the dog, and the life of the merchant.

Because they were all adventuring, and exploring, and not stressing. None of them were stressful.

Eddy gets lost in the pursuit and forgets the enjoyment part. He’s trying so hard to control things that he’s not able to appreciate them. He’s not able to let things go wrong so that he can actually live.

If he’s gonna live that life that we wants to live, it’s not gonna come through plans and execution, it’s gonna come through experience and adventure and learning.

Did I have past lives? Who/what was I?

I was usually adventuring.

What is the biggest obstacle between my current self & the self that enjoys & creates deeply & intensely?

I just need to start adventuring and get out there. To move. To experience things.

Why does my back + neck ache?

He just needs to take a break every now and then. Spend a few days drinking tea and reading books and cuddling with someone beautiful and just…not working.

He’s working to hard. Not too much, but he’s trying to force it. He’s not able to just let it happen. He’s not able to trust himself. He doesn’t trust himself at all. He thinks he has to fight himself or force himself.

How can I internalize the ability to focus 100% on the moment and what I have devoted it to?

To try not to control it. To have an intention. To have a reason why he’s in a place. To hold onto that, know that’s what he wants, really be in touch with it, and to just let it happen. To trust that if that’s what he wants, it’ll happen.

He just has to know that right now he wants to create something. And he can just sit back and let it happen.

It’s not a fight. He doesn’t have to control himself, he doesn’t have to trick himself, he does’t have to fight himself. He just has to know what he wants. And if he’s right, he just has to say ‘Okay, I want to do that now’.

He has to be able to flow more. He doesn’t have to sit down and plan every hour and force it into pomodaros. He just has to flow. He has to be like “I wanna do this” and do it.

How can I instinctually act in congruence with my deepest desire; my ideal self?

Same thing. Stay in touch with the why.

What is the meaning of my life?

To enjoy things and to make things. Super simple.

He has to get inspired. Which is super easy. He just has to remember why he’s making what he’s making.

The other stuff doesn’t matter. If he does a good job and it fails, that’s fine. That the best thing he coulda done. And it’s not gonna fail.

What comes after death?

Probably more of this. He might – I think it’s a choice for him. And he keeps choosing to replay the game. Take another life. This is fun.

But it’s optional? Like if he’s having fun, why not continue?

Yeah, exactly. He likes to take shit that’s broken and stupid, and shake it up and then destroy it and then fix it. And he just keeps doing that.

Is immortality possible? How?

Yeah. Maybe not he way he’s thinking of it though.

He wants to live this life for a long time. And he might be able to but I doesn’t matter if he does or doesn’t. Because he can just go live another life.

He’s going to keep doing this. It might have an end day, he might choose to stop. But he gets to go as long as he wants.

What is the best place in the world for him to be right now?

He has to follow the words of Jarlaxle. “How can I know where I most want to be when I haven’t seen everything that there is?”

He needs to get out of Bali. He needs to go somewhere new and different and weird.

He needs to get out of the normal. He doesn’t thrive in normal. He thrives in that adaptation stage. He need to try to keep himself in ta area where hes’ trying to adapt.

Don’t let him get comfortable. Don’t’ make it so that it’s hectic. Don’t always moving always changing. Stay somewhere. Get the place, find the friends, meet people, fall in love. But the moment it becomes routine, it’s time to go. Don’t the the routine build up.

It’s not so much routine, as that feeling of routine. If he likes the routine, then stay. He usually doesn’t like routine. Routines are not his style.

What does my ideal romantic relationship look like?

Supportive. Like really supportive. And warm and in love and with an understanding that we care about each other and we love each other and that nothing is going to get the way of that and there there’s no rules we need to impose to make that the way it is.

The ability to be free and do what you want. To just enjoy life and know that you have this person and that they have you.

It’s not just one of these people. It’s many.

What type of person am I most in sync with?

People who are skilled and intuitive and able to just immerse themselves and be in a thing and have fun. And just be in a thing. Fully. And not worry and not freak out and just be in the thing.

How can I tap into my deepest desires & most prolific energy, so I am always exploring, creating, learning &/or enjoying?

Refuse to do any work that does not light him on fire. Whenever he does do work, remember why it lights him on fire. Spend a lot of time taking things in. Read blogs, talk to amazing people. Learn about cool things. Don’t entertain yourself. Don’t ‘learn’. Just find cool things. Hear about people’s dreams and initiatives and future goals and what they’ve done and their stories.

It’s not a goal to get something concrete, just immerse himself in the world of people creating awesome things, and remember what he’s creating and why.

Oh, and also, track it. Focus.

Always know what he’s doing right now. Don’t half ass things.

Like if he’s gonna do an experiment, write it down and make it official and put it on the blog and track it and do a real thing. No half assing. Make sure that if he does something he commits 100%. And he can leave on the turn of a dime if he wants to. But he starts committed. If he decides to leave then fine, but he doesn’t half ass…

Do you have any additional advice for Eddy before we close up the session.

Yeah, stop with the bullshit. He knows when he’s lying to himself. He know when he’s lying to himself, he knows when he’s fooling himself, he knows when something is wrong.

Whenever that happens, just listen and figure out what is he’s doing and figure out what he’s doing that is stupid and stop it. Because he can do that.

His biggest obstacle is just not listening to me. He can hear me all the time.

He can?

Yeah. Yeah he just tells himself that – he’s scared of the risks. Because listening to me means that he might not make money or a while or his business fails or whatever.

But that’s not gonna happen?

It might. But it doesn’t fucking matter. It’s worth it. He’s gonna enjoy it. That’s the point.

Yeah but he wants to be successful too.

He’s gonna be. His business won’t ultimately fail. The next one might. He might be poor for a few more years. But he’ll end up fine. He just has to do it. And he knows this.

Trust his impulses. Because they’re rooted in me. And remember why he’s creating things. And if the why doesn’t light him on fire and get him leaping, don’t do it. There’s other whys.

Is there a way that you can activate your creativity? Is there a way he can turn on this creative energy when he wants it?

Uhm. Yeah. But it’s not like a switch. It’s like a feedback loop. He has to take in awesome creative stuff, a lot. All the time. Just awesome things. Things that are made with care and with a conscious desire and a purpose.

He has to fill his life with these things. With these people. People who have that vibe and who are creating things and things being created by these people.

Like there’s a reason he likes this pen so much. It’s one of the rare things in the world that are almost perfectly designed. That have obviously been created with powerful intention and thought.

He has to surround himself with these thing and people and experiences and these blog posts and these books.

It’s kinda like, if shit was creativity, then that’s the food. He needs the food.

What’s the deal with Jarlaxle?

He’s like a chaotic neutral.

He just creates things and destroys things and whatever but it’s never negative. He’s a chaotic slightly better than neutral. He lives for himself. Doesn’t have a god, doesn’t have a master, doesn’t have some kinda religion he follows. He lives for himself.

Most people he interacts with…well not most people. Most things he interacts with are better for the experience. A lot people get hurt and dead, but that’s kinda cause they’re assholes.

The world is better because he fucking rips through it like he goes through like a fucking whirlwind and by the time he’s gone everyone is kinda dazed and confused and like ‘what the fuck just happened?’.

Eddy wants to be a lot like that. Eddy should be. Yeah. With a few differences.

Eddy’s a little bit warmer than Jarlaxle. Jarlaxle doesn’t trust anybody. Jarlaxle has no friends that he’s ever not on his guard with. He’s always aware that someone might be trying to kill him.

Eddy, that’s not his style. Eddy should be like a Jarlaxle who gathers a tribe. A Jarlaxle with a tribe he can trust and love.

Yeah Jarlaxle with a  tribe.


He has to take better care of this body. He’s a little bit to cavalier with it.

Because he thinks that everything in his body is gonna be fixable, he doesnt really maintain it as much as he should sometimes.

He should invest in massages and take days off and eat healthy food and don’t smoke and brush your teeth every day and do yoga and meditate and spend time and effort to maintain his body.

Which he enjoys. He loves to do that. But he looks at it like ‘Oh it has to be hard because it’s beneficial’. He has to remember that doing yoga feels awesome.


Eddy has to stop giving so much. He’s giving so much energy to other people’s projects and he’s not asking anything in return and he’s being taken advantage of. He’s not getting the time to devote time to his own shit.

People will underpay him or try to give him a raw deal and because he’s so psyched about their project and because he likes them as people, he kinda lets himself be under valued.

They’re not trying to rip him off. They’re just undervaluing him and he’s letting it happen.

What he should do is have confidence that his writing is fucking amazing and it makes sales and he’s great at what he does. He’s a good growth hacker and an excellent copywriter. And he should be paid accordingly. And he shouldn’t be working on shit he doesn’t love. And if he is working on stuff he does love, he should be paid accordingly.

He shouldn’t be accepting deals that don’t recognize this. If people are creating amazing things and they can’t afford him, them somebody else can. And a lot of the people he’s working with, he knows they could afford him. But they don’t because they’re bootstrapping or some bullshit. But they can afford him.

So stop that. Stop dealing with those people. If they’re cool, be friends. Love that they’re doing. But don’t’ give your time and your effort to them when you could be giving it to you.

Does he know what he’s worth?

Nah. I mean, he wants to get like solid statistical proof, which he doesn’t really need because…

Like the vibram five fingers, those cool shoes he has. There’s this fucking law suit that sued them because  there isn’t enough poof that those shoes are good for you.

But he know the shoes are good for you because he wears them and they feel awesome. And so do all the other people who wear the shoes.

And so it’s like, everyone who wears his shoes loves them. If that makes sense. Just because there isn’t statistic hard data (which there also is a fair amount of), everyone loves the shoes.

Is there anything that we didn’t ask, that we should have asked?

Hmm. Yeah he didn’t ask about love.

He should know that he’s not obligated to stay with anybody or to love them or to anything. And that, he is first of all, the reason he’s not getting laid is because he doesn’t belong here. In Bali. He doesn’t belong here. He has to move.

He never really belonged here. It was always a transitionary place.

He has to realize that he is desired by women and he is a good looking guy and he’s really fucking cool. He just has to not be here and that will show itself.

This is not the place for him. He’s in a place in his life where he needs women and he needs sex and he needs love and he needs friend and he need intense creation and exploration and discovery and this is not the place.

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