Making Fast Cash II


Wayyy back in October I threw up a post about how I planned to make some quick bucks.

I did make a few bucks selling Dr. Dre beats, until my supplier got shut down. The idea to sell books on Amazon…I’m pretty sure I lost money on that xP.


Now I’m broke and travelling, and I need to make an extra $500 this month to start saving/eating.

Oh, The Things I’ll Do For Money

None of the things on this list are long term. To see how I plan to make money via my whole future, check out my February Road Map and 2012 Year Goals

  • Shovel Driveways – Not too glamorous, but a few hours into this and I’ll have made a decent buck.
  • Open up an Amazon sleep shop – I’ve done some serious research and found the best sleep gear out there. From clocky the wakeup alarm to 40 Blinks the perfect sleep mask, I’ll start throwing up some gear reviews on the site and affiliate selling on Amazon. (side note: this is the first step in what may become a business build around polyphasic sleep).
  • Sell my library in one go – I’m gonna lug my big box of books over to a second hand store and sell them all for a few bucks.
  • Negotiate down my friend’s contracts for a cut of the savings – This idea has been bouncing around my brain for about half a year. Ever since I saved my mom around $250 in a month by learning to negotiate from Ramit Sethi (and I think I’ve saved her around $700 total since then), I’ve realized most of my friends are paying too much and I can lower their bills and take a 25% of what I save them for the year. I’ll test it on my self and a friend first, and make some noise if it’s successful.
  • Become a Gigilo – Always wanted to do this, but don’t know where to start. Craigslist?
  • Donate Seamen – Props to “Road Trip” for throwing this one into my head
  • Start a “Buy Now” Blog – This one is more of a multi-month goal than a fast cash idea, but it’s a great idea none the less. Perhaps I’ll devote some serious time for it when my current goals settle down.


That’s all I got for now. Got any kickass ideas, throw them at me in the comments.

I’ll let you know at the end of the month how much cash I made off each one I tried.

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