Monthly Experiment: Stakes (or Creation VS Sleep Deprivation)

Shot by the awesome Lorenzo Pierucci


I’ve been reading Tim Ferriss’ The Four Hour Chef, the Meta-Learning Chapter (I will soon be sharing with you all the first iteration of my Mindset & Skill Acquisition Method, based largely off his Meta-Learning chapter).

Part of Tim’s foundation to learning anything (DiSSS) is Stakes. Real, hard, stakes that make you more resistant to failure than you are to hustle.

So, for the month of February (and the remaining week of January) I will put this to the test.

I expect that this will result in me being very tired some days when I force myself against everything I want to complete my mission, it will give me absolutely 0 days with an Ideal Score of ‘1’. And I think that, after a few times of sleep deprivation, I will hate it so much that I will get my mission done at all costs.

The Plan:

Every day, I will have a key goal. One single task that I must complete. It won’t be too hard, nor to easy. Probably something that will take 2-3 hours.

The stakes: my sleep. I am not allowed to sleep until that key task is checked off.

Every single day, even days of rest (though they will be much more relaxed on these days), will have a key goal. And at the end of every day, once I have completed this goal, I will record my success on this post.

Which means that, by the end of February, I will have 33 completed daily goals.


1/27 – Review & Plan Week –  Complete

1/28 – Write BlueStartups application & make video – Complete

1/29 – Learn how to do a Kickstarter – Complete

1/30 – Make TMBA DC Video Content Manager video – Complete

1/31 – Polish & submit TMBA & BlueStartups applications – Complete

2/1 – Clean Shi Te’s house up – Complete

2/2 – Make lead gen video for Lily and send it to her – Complete

2/3 – Review & plan month & week – failed

2/4 – Take 4HB notes – Complete

2/5 – Begin to plan month – failed

2/6 – chill and read and get to Bali – Complete

2/7 – chill and read and get to Bali – Complete

2/8 – Get Bali SIM card and scooter – Complete

2/9 – Plan month & week – Complete

2/10 – Write BookKritters Launch Emails – Failed

2/11 – Write BookKritters Launch Emails – Failed

2/12 – Write BookKritters Launch Emails – Failed

2/13 – Write BookKritters Launch Emails – Complete

2/14 – Revise BookKritters Launch Emails – Complete

2/15 – Deconstruct Surfing & Go Surfing – Complete

2/16 – Write magazine article for SurfsUp – Complete

2/17 – Send Surfs Up Article, plan week, ask Safta for money – Complete

2/18 – Write all BookKritters launch text – Complete

2/19 – unmarked – Failed

2/20 – unmarked – Failed

2/21 – unmarked – Failed

2/22 – unmarked – Failed

2/23 – Edit Lorenzo’s site copy – Complete

2/24 – Edit BK terms of use – Failed

2/25 – Edit BK terms of use – Complete

2/26 – Research & Plan Kickstarter for Event Photography Book – Failed

2/27 – Begin launching BK & DiSSS surfing – Failed

2/28 – DiSSS surfing – Failed

2/29 – unmarked – Failed

2/30 – unmarked – Failed

2/31 – unmarked – Failed

3/01 – unmarked – Failed

3/02 – unmarked – Failed

3/03 – Clean inboxes & plan week –



Note on February 03:

I’m loving this. Yesterday, I HAD to make that Lily video. I put off till last minute, and it had by now grown to a huge task in my mind. Took like 30 minutes, and then I found myself seeking other things to create just because I was on a roll…didn’t even think about it, just wanted to do more, and I did.

Today, I have to review my month and week. And, even though it’s already 1800 and I’ve just started, I know that it be completed. That feels really good.

….wow, I simply ran out of steam here. Not long after writing the above, I just…emptied out. I’m feeling quite low on fuel and fire, so the next couple days are going to be relaxed.

Final Results:

It works…when I do it. At times, I will ignore or forget to set the daily MIT. When I do remember, however, I almost always get it done, even to the point of staying up till 3am to complete it.

It feels AMAZING knowing that I will definitely achieve my mission for the day. That I will not allow anything else but that to happen. It feels good to have that trust in myself.

As before, when I did this with the self-trust experiment, I will continue this habit. Each day will have it’s MIT, and that MIT will be achieved no matter what.

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