Nihilist Hedonism

Why can't you have normal existential angst like all the other boys?

I’m something called a Nihilist Hedonist. We’ve spent a lot of time not existing, you and I, and after a very fast 100 years or so (more if someone figures out immortality?), we’ll be nothing again. Or maybe we’ll be something…but it could be nothing.

In the meantime, though, we get to do things like see green & sip coconuts & stub toes & fall recklessly in love & mess up plans & check out that cutie’s butt & cook food & collect new scars from new adventures.

For a little while, we get to feel and make and enjoy. I say, hakuna matata. Drop the fears and go feel something (that cutie’s butt perhaps?). Make your life a story worth reading.

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