No Masturbation Experiment–Day 1

So I’ve spent one day not masturbating. Besides two instances in which I wanted to watch some porn (mostly out of boredom), I didn’t really see any effects.

I didn’t write anything today besides this, so I don’t know if it effected my creativity. Actually, this is coming out a lot easier than yesterday’s post, so maybe.

Productivity wise, no change. I spend half the day deweeding walkways and the other half just stagnating watching community. So still unproductive.

The urge to masturbate is a bit insistent, but nothing I can’t easily fight off.

No change in sexuality. I simply don’t feel sexual.


Also, I noticed the other day that I had no interest in a couple cute girls I noticed in a car. I didn’t even have the interest to make flirty eye contact. I just didn’t care, because my body thought it was already getting laid a couple times a day. Not a good state of affairs.


Too tired to wrap this post up creatively.

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