Polyphasic Joural: Day 1 (0/30)

Last night, I hit the hey an hour late, and didn’t wake up for 7 hours! I think my headphones may have fallen out.

This, of course, means that I’m back to 0 days out of 30.


To fix this, I’m making three changes:

  1. No more beds. Until I can get to 7 days straight, I will be sleeping on the floor in some blankets
  2. Go to sleep on time. I won’t be missing my nap times by more than 10 minutes. I’m ensuring this by scheduling reminders on my phone 2 minutes before each nap.
  3. Phone call alarm clock. My headphones fell out last night, and I think that may have happened during my nap time (which means I never got to hear my alarm). To fix this I’ll be having talkoclock.com call me 30 minutes after every nap (giving me 7 minutes to find a place to sleep from the time my nap reminders goes off).


Also, I’m currently napping to the sounds of study music…I think this may be triggering my mind to think instead of sleep.

So now I’ll be sleeping to 25 minutes of pink noise. I’ve got a hunch that that’ll block my thoughts and help me pass out faster.

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