Polyphasic Journal Day 14: (0/30)

Ok, something different. Up till now I was convinced that my wake up problems were the result of laziness and too much comfort.

But I wayyy overslept last night, despite two separate alarms, sitting in a chair (and somehow winding up in a beanbag), and my roommate trying to wake me up!

I think I know the problem: I’ve been trying to brute force my way through the transition phase…this will not work. The body will shut down every time.

So now it’s time to stack the deck in my favour. It’s time to do a complete overhaul of my living style to get this shit handled.

  • I’m going all raw
  • Every time I awaken
    • I’m going to read these bullet points
    • Then I’m going in straight into 100 breaths in the Tadasana yoga position.
    • If still groggy after 100 breaths in Tadasana, I will use Stumbleupon Video until my brain speeds up.
  • I get the option of one 25 min cheat nap half way between every two naps.
  • Every nap
    • Will be uncomfortable. The more I wanna sleep, the less comfortable my nap will be. It will rang from kitchen chairs to hard floors.
    • Will have two to five alarms (Nap music, phone w/ beeping and vibrating, e.ggtimer.com, two human’s if I can get them)
  • I’m making another list of thing I will do in each phase of the Uberman (Awake, Okay, and Zombie). I’ll use this as a roadmap on what to spend my time on.
  • My morning workouts will just be half hour walks. No parkour, no running, just walking.
  • Only focusing on one nap block at a time. Minimal planning for the future.

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