Polyphasic Journal Day 18: (0/30)

Pass out.


I do realize that I’m breaking a cardinal rule here: don’t sleep at home.

However, when I have a home (and no bike to find a better café than Dunkin Donuts) the temptation is great. I never suspect that I will fail.

Today, I am getting a bike (and hopefully a mic for my computer). These two things will give me a huge boost. I will be able to call anyone in North America for free, and go anywhere in town.

There is a very good chance that I don’t spend much time at home after this. I wonder if it’s worth paying the rent. If I find that I am never at home, I’ll simply drop it. The good side of this coin is that I’ll be sleeping in comfortable 24 hour cafes all night. This is good for not falling asleep, and for getting work done.


Andy gave me a challenge so that I can learn to depend on myself. I need to make $200 by next Wednesday at Noon, or else I will have to get a job for 20 hours a week and keep it for 2 months.

That is hell.

So I’m off to make $200 by any means possible (in as little time and as much benefit to my mid-term goals as possible)


Carpe more Diem!

– Eddy


P.S. I’ve come to realize that I may not yet have the discipline (as defined by Steve Pavlina) it takes to make it straight to 30 days of polynapping.

However I’ve also promised myself I cannot quit this until I make my 30 days. So, I will use this as an exercise to grow my discipline.

I expect (not hope, but realistically expect) to slowly increase the amount of days I can consistently last from 1 to 2 to 3 etc. over a long period of time and quite a few failures.

I view these failures the same way I view not being able to make the 93rd pushup. It’s a sign that I’m growing, not a reason to beat myself up. Every time I increase a polyphasic ‘rep’, I will celebrate. Every time I fail and crash, I will take note of how long I lasted and start again.

P.P.S. Just found out that Shai overslept last night too (he was pulling an overnighter at work). Weird, it’s like anti-serendipity.

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