Polyphasic Journal Day 21: (3/30)

Last night, I made it to my second Day 3 so far.

However, I did go to sleep for most of the next morning. This was the first time I have ever crashed intentionally, as I was spending the night with a friend and thought I would enjoy it.

Tomorrow will be back to day 0, but I am happy I’ve made day 3 again.


Shai also crashed, and has developed a strong motivation not to let it happen again. To ensure this, he’s demanded that we spend all our nights (and some of our later days) with each other so that we can ensure we are able to wake each other up by any means necessary. I’ve got a feeling I may find myself fully polyphasic by this time next week.


Carpe more Diem!

– Eddy


P.S. Found a side effect of sleep deprivation. Erectile Dysfunction xP. Worked fine after a few hours of sleep though xD.

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